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s a young lean‘ when l inilially lani sure lhal iny will-i whe kindly where ilie madway was lo hegin
siarred driving. i did nel wear reviews every article lei rne will ask lhe "jL7gged' sevei-al hundred yards aeross
nw sealhell. ln lriiih, given sanie question. i learned rhis hehavioi-. anoiher i-ead wilh a difierem naine
lhe age oleai-s l eould affurd lhis hahili nor heeaiise il was lhe righl and resiinied on rhe orher side. Eoxh
ai lhe IinIL'v sealhells were nor even part lhing in do or heeaiise sonieone else inlei-seeliiig road iiaines wei-e ineliided
uf lhe equipmzm and were eeriainly leld ine lhal i should de ii, i learned in our leeale reniiesr and al lhe liine,
nut i-equired in he worn. even illhey |L ingrained ii inlo rnysell. he-eause il while lining was nol a enrnrnnn praclitz.
were iliere. Thus, early in lny driving aehieved i-esiills. lhe resulls I needed ll Onciu allei- visiling lhe jnhsilei l weiil
"career, Ine\lL'rgcIlinm lhe hahil. worlred. when ir eernes lo whiie lining hy lhe parlollheinlei-seelien where
. .. l,k'l1fldl1w . lh-dlld‘":.' d
TmChangndmlhclmwxmwhm anias inga o you o o esaine eiea sare io Jug eririyar sur
. . . , . . . so ii-en. our inleiided (lxcavauon. h was
lheeanie adelivery and pltkup drii-er In ohio, eiir lzevised Lode l'L'qL\l|’L’S mmdwhh an ma Dma 5 mm
leriherarnilv husinL-ss.T1wav|n'L7vided while lining in rnaiiyeii-euinslaiiees hiil .13] I _k¥ ‘5 '. . .
. » . ,» . . resiionsi e or niai inglheiililiues
rne wirh a relarively new pickup truck allews soine aliernarives and uxczptlcuns. . ,
, . . . . had done lheir yoh, eoi-reeily lo iheni.
lo drive, one eniiipped wilh seal hells liei il seeins lhal we see ioo niany .
. . . . . . and we had as well. lvenelheless, we did
and eirli-eniely hard heneh seals (not enliiies wilh uhllgauons under ihis pan .
. . . . nel gel rhe resiilrs we needed. Llear-er
hrolren down hy yuars and iniles el elihe law lailing lo use ihis lool. I agree wmmmcamm would hm M Ed and
ser\'ica|. i wish l eould say i ehangediny lhar soine siles do nel lend iheniselves . . . . P 3
. . . . , while lining is a very cf(ccl|ve wav el
hehavior wilh and niy airilude lowards le pxednarklngclr ilial in sdnie eases, dam um »
sealhellsroi-soinealri-iiisriereasen, while lining would erealeinoreola 3 *
hiii lhe lriilh was, when di-iving aeross salely hazard lhaii ii would solve. en so. lhe niessage is ihali whenever
a rough yoh sitzi ii was lhe only way i a roadway. ler eiraniiile. But overall‘ possihlzv lo inlei-nalire lhe salely
eeiild lreep rnysellhehind rhe wheel, il "paints a elearer picture el lhe precalllicllh nol looking al il as a
wilhin adequale reaeh ofthe sreering extavators inlenlions. And is ii allews neeessarv reriiiirernenl oi- as a wasle or
wheel and ilie hralre pedal wilhoiil a rnere ellieienl marking proeess llien liméi is a inoi-e emeieni way or gelling
sliding aeross rhe hard heneh seal lhe iinie saved ean he used lo eorreerly lhe i-esulls needed for sale excavation.
and away li-ern lhe wheel and pndal. l aeeiii-aiely niarlr ulililies on rhar ieh ei- And ii il allows yeii lo lhinlr or yoursell
resigned niysell ro wearing lhe sealheli anoiher jab. all or whieh pmlnole salely as rarnelli Jones oi- Kyle lsusehi so
ii was equipped wilh and envisioned ln ilie indiisiiy. niueh lhe he-lier. 5
mvself as Pam:-lli June: ur Junior . .
» . , liears ago. we were exlzndmga roadway

lehnson slrappmg in helore a raee. Bu! . .

lh H ”_ (h h bnrd‘ kl andivere cununuauy |'zq||g5[|ng]u[a(u§ Mi /ylliellriily l\IH1‘l’ll\ mueylvxllftrllufl/ll
an H y» 9 B I | a - W nm.mM,,gd“mridngswz l,..i..,. llwllsl-.,l,il gin I/[UL/(H

so where anilgeingwiih lhis. and hew knew we needed for sale excavation.  

eeiild il pessihly i-elale le whiie lining? The prohleni was lhal lhe inierseeiion
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