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Lijll L  You Can Be Robbcd&
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p - Never Know It. W R
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ne day on your way lo work, yuu ~‘tup at lhe gas No maller how much you wanl lo slash your money into a
slanon, slrrle your card through r1nd,uh-ah”Card sale, you know you are gonna have lo put u back rn lhe hank
Dncllnad!” £vsntually—Io meer payroll, for example Jusl lrke me won'l
l . l r d d v ll Lh - . ,
”NuI possrble," vou Lhlnk. "This rs the company ?‘ “’ “ 2 “," ° “E W‘ W‘ “""‘_"”‘“‘ ‘“"’“°” V"_“ .
,, — srmply can l run around payrng rash for everyllung- especrally

“““°““‘ slnce lhere is an allordable optlon hke cyher lnsuranee.

Y°“ 5”‘ ‘“‘° ‘1‘“ °”‘.‘“ “M Pl“ “ “'1 ‘D l’‘’‘” ""““- Y°“’ You will be requrred lo have cerlaln sareguards -hke nrewalls
aeeounl has been rarded, and all lhe money ls gone. Yes, lhe and m“_wm wflwm (Norm Am‘ 2“) Thad‘, “mm
bank wlll make |Iught.BuInnIlDdr1y, anrl you sllll need gas: ,9 mm, yam cémpum Sflesmmz Dr yogn H‘ guy If $,w,R 5
ND. .,,,,,.,m,W, gimp,‘ lucky enough lo have one of lhose maming your halls, can get

, , . lhose sel up l-ornl rs, anyone/everyone can help you gel this

It wrll lake a whrle, belreve me. Frrsl thing lhey m\1~I do rs Pmlemon Vlhth tybzf mange. mu ,oq.,.,., Wm}, you ma“),
make sure you'm nol lhe one runnmg the scaml murd hm, anymyl

Meanwlule you full need ga» and by now. ~'o doe» your new cyoer coverage vanes whelher personal or small, medium or
What one you some to do? large eommercral. A personal polrcy wouldn't oller l<ldnap
HM you .29" the men. ...,,;.,, abuul haw 23 Tm, lam... coverage lrke it would lo a larger business lhal had lherr I
have been rm W}, sompggng caucd ~gm,.,,m,,,m~ Whmby pnnnpals dorng overseas lravel hul ll can also offer Exlorhon
ma }‘,-_‘(k£r Emma mum; of W}, of um 23 lm,,,mr mm Proleeuon. However, for our personal and smaller busmesses
compuler syslems and demanded money lo release ll back lo |lu~' 1» baa-eally what u would offer (see ol-an below)»

‘ho *°““~‘7 Moaowloller "0"? °‘ the two“ "“'°‘V°d or? able '9 Each lmc can carry us own limit because each phase of a cyber
aeeepi tax or uuluy P"Yl“°"l5r no car lag~'r no Wale! bill» ele-r loss has rls own eosls assocrared wrlh u. l>nvacy and Nelwork
2°‘ ‘C’ "Woo: ‘hot 1“ “ma °‘b‘°““‘:e““odl dolor W1‘ 1* gm‘ securlry will always carry lhe hrghesl lrmn because lhrs is

eeumy num on P onenu-n er~o real enla are Pro a y where you can gel sued by someone who rs damaged when
vulnerable now» And tlme 23 towns were lul ~unullaneou»ly/ lhelr prrvale lnfo ls exposed. If you have Lhelr records on file
Illa‘ l° 55°“ how Elem 9“ *'a°‘<°'a om and ‘WW mud‘ and don't have good basic firewall and virus proreeuon, you
olarnase they ean do lo our cor-ununluea> are pulnng lhem al nsk. If you gel haeked, yuu're gonna neerl
Thal's an example of how vulnerable we all are and how we that lirmtr I aoxsure you‘ Even lual a small Plurnblnlz con-Pony
ma ,9 ‘ake mpg Now U, Pmlm ,,um,,,£,. and W, P,Dl,2,,,, lhal puls lherr euslomer s Info Into the eompuler can be hahle.
some hackers largel lhe smaller businesses and never make

one example rs personal, one person's account got hacked and ‘hi mmng ,W,3__‘,hEy mum 0,, gm

money dramerl; the ulher is a frlghlenlng example of whal lhey

can do if Lhey lake over 23 towns’ syslems at one lrme. Federal law ~'ay» you moat noufy every Perwn wl-use lnfo has

been exposed, and that will mean every euslomer ale |n your

Fu~'l llung you are gonna do when you set your money baek i~' compuler. lrs prelry expensrve lo do that, but coverage B has
keep II m lhe office ~af2 unlrl you reel more cumfunablz about you mmd‘

everylhmg (very bad rdea; erlmmals sleal sales, lool) C H‘ H d d U f I

om ulexs are some In we a I: en an n urlunale

Wellr okay wlml can you do? Cyber lnaurancel when) we go ”out" on Lhegweb, we lravz a rloor open. cyheyr
Nolhlng else covers lhe vanous ways hackers. both here coverage Pu!» a leek on that door for you‘ '

and abroad-can worm lhelr way mlo our onhne accounts.

Coverage A - Privacy and Network seourily 5 1,000,000 [always pay; l,00a,00a)
Coverage B - Notification and credil Monitoring com 5 50,000
Coverage c - Data Forensic 3 50,000
Coverage D - Crisis Management 5 50,000
2019 lssoes Alabama 511 . 15

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