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syiae Vgel
ears ago, herore my «ime in If you canno« explain «he resul«s you vi a amen for lengthy mu-ingr you
Safety, l was placed in charge have, how do you knnw «hey are may well lose your audience.
of various aspec«s of our correcn And are «hey ui any value? Du WE hm time in mg additional
accountlng deparnnen« we l have «oo o««en seen reporls «ha« H . , A .
. aining. ccura«ely using sonware

had wha« was, a« «he «ime, s«a«e.o«.«he. louk grea«, but when «he resulls are am not aulomam“ M E“ H

ar« compu«er«echnology. And hecausel quzstloned, «he answers leave me mfim mimg and ‘Vhu;;1"yo;‘gDing
lielieved in i«, l «rus«ed i«. The prolilem feeling less «han cunfidzm ahou« «he mm“ as “W Mm“ bmmg

was «ha« my general unders«anding da«a and reasoning «ha« wen« in«o Mimi TIME are gm; a mm to

of some or «he more sophis«ica«ed «hem. And irequenuy,  leads «o ‘ ’ . .

. . . . avoid «he purchase, just a facial’ in «he

accounnng principles as well as wha« «hose using «he «echnology «o uuesuon dedshm

really was occurring wi«liin «he Cusmrn «he resulls «hemselves, going back and ’

programming was laclong. l« louk some reviewing «he da«a and «hus losing wi«h all «hese thoughts, i« would
hard lessons and some pa«ien« people any Efficizncles «ha« «hey o«herwise appear «ha« 1 do no« apprecia«e wha«
«o help me «hrough «hese «imes and would have gained. And as we reason «echnology has «o nffez but no«e my
men, l would rely more upon wha« inrwarrl irom our resulls, are we «ruly commen« abOVe—I am cruly amazed.
l pu« on a columnar pad or kept in a focused on «he proper issues-7 Are we The aliili«y «o provide a concise,
separa«e spreadshee« fur accuracy or proceeding down «he correct course? ponahle, consis«en« message is an
backup. l have heard «he commen« «ha« immense advan«age The po«en«ial

a ,, . ls «he «echnology righ« «or your . . . _ . _

«echnology is only a «ool many «imes, d. , ‘ I 1 I 1 ability «o have real «ime resul«s is
liu« is i« «he righ« «ool and do we rely 3“ "“‘°"' “"‘ ““ e" '‘‘T"‘“ Y 3°“ '3' a mus« in our competicive world.
. . visual learner. lapp«ecia«e a verlial .

upun i« «oo onen, crus«ing i« wi«hou« 1 H d, b h Technology oicers an avenue «o
unders«anding wha« i« is dning7 As a f‘? 3"" ““ “’_“_ ‘“3”‘_“'1 d“f‘1,‘_“ h ‘ «hese conclusions But unders«and
disclaimer «hough, le« me no«e «ha« a lo« _5“'.‘:';E "‘”“°" "‘ T “° ‘ ‘ °° “Y . 2“ i«s shor«comings, wha« wen« in«o

of «echnolo «rul amazes me e« in *2 ‘ PP°“"‘F~ W 9“ ““ P“‘'““P‘‘‘ develo in «he answers and «he needs

gy y y P 3
_ _ or perioml. And many ui «he people l . . ._
many ways, has passed me by. , or your audience. Only by doing «his
have encoun«ered in «he indus«ry are
will «he «echnology allow you «o reach
some «houghls, beyond «he ('05! issues, «he same wny—Lha( is onen why «hey
. your full po«en«ial. '
p«oprie«ary so««ware concems and chose «his indusiry. If «he «echnology
privacy worries involved means si««ing a person in «ron« M, ,X,, ,,,,,,,y ,,,W,, ,5 ,,,,, _,,m.,, M,
oiaipi ; «gel .<.. Cu in a/in ruaurg sire/iii nae
Hmrl35 y1‘W'§
2019, issoes Alabama arr . 17

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