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lalaamas Underground notiee, the proposed starting date ieque.-ts placed are done an WlI1'1I1'12 2
Damage Prevention and time, the type afexcavafian at Working clay nntiee but many iaethty
lcghlahon has been enactecl elernelitien operation ta he eandaeted, owners are apprecmtlvz ui advance
.mce 1994 ovet the yeai. the location a/the proposed excuvntiml netiee laeyonil the 2 Working days to
there have been some amendments to ardetnolition with suflicirnt details allow them mam tune to .ehedule
strengthen and improve the damage ta enable the apenzfor ta loeate sarne crews to complete the large number
prevention program in oui state we with teasanahle cettainty, and whether ot lecate request. Did yuu know that
thought it would be a good idea arnot explasives are to he ased. In Alabama an encmgcd nppmxlmalcly
to toeus on same at the key tenns the event the location reaairernents 2,32; lecate it-quest. pct aveiage work
and seettons tn ensure a thorough a/this sahseetian can not he met, day le1~| yci1r7 That uqui1lc~ to (we!
unduntandlng of the undeigmund the eacaaater shall tnarh the route 4,500 lncatnm «INN tn be maiked Wflhln
ama e revennun as out me m Ur ann aries 0 ie 5! e o propose .1lw0— av .,,,,,
dgp ld’ lzrl ftltf d d{P(1
. . 1. ti d lti b

A"b‘"‘“ “W 1”“  3;? g f_7':f,"_;': ln nddltlonr if the imza ot excavation
Section 37-154 —Notit:2 oflnfent to mm flags W.“ Ways 9, dmly t. hard to de.-enbe, an excavator ean
Exctzvtzfe ernernolish mm”./’m,£ ;Mtm.;1l5 plug", an the outlme the mute or houndane. with
r»»;»r»;«;.»m»ne»-gn-ntgm-=«  xi:::h::";:tf3:%;:::::‘:;;2:f::::
“’ M“? ‘ "7" “P5?” ‘”‘ 9"’ ‘ ' 5 These in: me ot the sections mlalcd to can also be done on EVERY lob. The
"V 5“’“"‘ 3 *7/”"5 "tr W" PPM" the iequncments at providing notice utilities like to have the area one-
'"P“"5""’5/"”""' "“"""'*"" of the intent to excavate oi demullsll maiked because |I allows for mom

“’ “""““'“'"" W" 3*” '”’*”"‘r wlueh D requtmd under the law he ieei.-e eommuntcatton ot the locate
?’:"”;‘:"“ ‘" ’”t"""';‘ "";‘:‘; "t/5t’;""’ law cuzmnlly n:qum:~' a mmimum ut Eran and otten saves the locale! ttme m
"‘ ”" " ”‘”"’“ '."' 5"” ‘S " ” Mn (2) work-ng days and a max-mum cnmpleung the weik.-tte lncate befnm
ulxdergmulxrlfncuhty owner 0! a ”One- _ .

C U N n. t. S t ,, “, or ten (10) wurklng days tot excilvauon heading to the next ama. lt ts also
b£f'hu'f’;f£:j‘D‘"E"m‘{,5Y :';‘lE::t f';§:';mt and a max|mum ot thiity (30) ealendai benetietal to the excavators tn pm-mark

V .' days for demnhtten. This wxll change the sue because It gives them a chance
no more than in working days prior to . .
. in Ianuizry 2:220 and will reaaire a to survey the work area tot any othei

W 5”" *7/"'5 V'“l’°55‘* "‘“"’”‘°" two working (lay natire not counting otenttal cxtavntmn 111Za!ds such as
‘W’ "’ ‘"5’ '7” "’“'’‘‘"X ‘W5’ 1”" the day ta/natifieatian '1'1u. notlcr: Everhead facllltizs the" ma lnezd to be
M "W ""1" 3" =/1'W'“' "W5 W’ rzqulremsnl doles not mean that you aware ot ’ ’ ’

tn the start a/elernolitian Dr hlasting have to give mmly ‘he 2 Wmkmg ’

apenztionsfay either excavation or day “mm hm you can Pmvidn mg These am twe area. that can help
elernolitien. Pmpwd am that am “wk Wm bz Providndlhlcfiaclllql ow|'\ezs adequlate
re) Ihe notice reqaited by sahseetian (I1) Perfumed, up to A 10 day nmim The    “cm
a/this section must eantain the name, taethty owners are zzqulmd to have the mm“

address and telephone number o/the ianhty markcd by the Pwvmd dam ’ .

yersan rtsptmsible for the excavation of excavahon The mhlor-ty of h-Kate

ardernolition and the perstm giving

2019 tssaea atatnma E11 . a

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