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any people are aware or the need to call
811 heiore you dig to protect underground
, ' ‘ tacilities trdm damage due to Excavating
__  '0 equipment such ashaclehoes, Jloveli, etc. one area
3 ‘ & ' people may not think ilboul—unles~' you are in that
{P , l industry—is the risk to underground tacilities from
~ ~ 4 crosshore operations.

@ what is a Erossbure? The crosshore saiety Association
defines it as "an intersection of an existing underground
utility or underground structure by a second utility

resulting in direct contact between the transactions of the
, utilities that compromises the integiity of either utility or
' re, v"l ll underground structure." ln layman's terms, a crosshoie
‘ ‘ is where one facility intersects another facility. The danger
_ _‘ is when placing utilty crossliores, an existing facility is
damaged. with advanced technology and new innovations
being found to improve the placement of underground
iacilities, ii is lmporlanl that damage prevention measures
continue In he in the ioretront for sale operations and
,. ?a minimized risle of damage to underground iacilities.

 "' ', ' ln this edition of the Alabama 811 Magazine, the concentration
t , _. will he on the crosshore lnduslry and technology utilities and
.33 _._- cnnlractnn alike have stories they can share on the challenges

_: g ;ez,;;v;,;, ,. 3, raced in the held and the potentially deadly and health
. -~_  -, ' - Impl1(s'.\uDn~‘ that can occur when a crosshore incident talces
r,g_,j 5?» :. place.
jive ‘ Hupefully, this edition will shed some light on the issue,
3 - ‘ potential sate zxczlvatlng practices and technology available to
.' ' minimize these risks.
Arltlffff Rebum
ltzerlllme Dnutlw
/Unbmlm 811
2019 Issue? Alabama 511 . 1

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