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1'1l~ pa.t Nevetnlaet, Matk the ehanee to ~'pc.1k tn the young folke hettet than the flihlng wa. the thnll et
stewe, eteatet at "The at Community Baplht Church |n ctaely taking a mad lnp wtth Lzlumn.”
Dtteetten," the outdoors ~huw at the weelne.elay mrvltc.
dmgmd to Pmmm damage The Dtteetten h aft1mllyafft1|If0r
h Matk salt‘, "Laumn and l pulled the Matk. Ht. nlele.t ion, Chn~tuphcr, h
"‘“"""""’" by d°1"’”'“g‘ " 8“ all boat to ehnteh [or the vnun folks the lead nelel Ioduccr la: the ~l\uw 1nd
mcss‘agC,}Iadadllcmm£\ He knew he — 5 , ‘ P ‘
te leek DYE! wlnle we wete thete. lt . 1'1l~nCp1'1L‘WBlt1|nL‘ spatka l~ part of the

neeeleel tn hlnn an cphodc ret Alabama 1 V V H _h V V d_ VV

811, but he wantnd to ~'pcnd wtne :V‘V’V”V:~‘VFi‘V:‘VV f‘V’V;h d“;:V;’V'V‘1:V“§:§; “ “’ ‘“'“’

quality tnne wtth ht. daughter Laumn Vmng mpltfand of IVVHVVVV1 VVMV Mark ~.1ld, "The Internal H) the ihow
The aelntten tn the dllcmma found N u VhMhVm_ to mmw m 1 [CW continues to amaze me we have the
them lmadmg .-onth from Taylur~v|llL‘, fVfV;Vdf’VbVVm [gm bqnlfib M fiV_h‘m lm oppununlty to do whatl do lm~ been a
Kentucky to my, Alabama let a VI M: m the (ham to talk flbm?i' gm Iong»l|mc elteant et mlnc and to be able
[zlkhcr—dzlug1'ltcI mad mp and fwhlng “fa um Vm VVVVMVCVV of mm" mm to do It wtth lanntly layuat the Icing en
L‘xlrzl\'t1ganzzl VVVVVV mg ,, P 3 the cakkx”

MK“k/>1°“K'“"‘L““E“d Michael Mm mmnucd H‘ mm d mm W‘ 3 He cunllnllcd, "Tube a pan nl gcmng
Hattcn, who lived near Tmy, Invited “ad mm MVm' Wnh "Km 1“ VIM V the all mcmagc out tn mdl\'ldut1l.s,
them tn slay wtth hlm tot a low elaya gm “M V 5"‘ "EV W “V1; ‘Tgbq afylk to work wtth nthet tommmcd

and hlnt the Cplsudc. Mtehael knew V0 nk_‘V {H Vmhpm V cm‘ ’}‘Vk_V W1 alakeh1.»ldL*r~ In eteattng the zlwarclm»
er a neathy pnvatc lake that would hay; VV {XV O‘; of WV)‘: mi“. (V; Thu to d|g .ately really luta home In me

he a petleet ht and Matk knew he and DVVNMV WV. V dmmfgm m cm" V .,,. ,, l,,,,d,.mm_ 1 have me. at home
Lt1IIrcnw1.»IIld havca grcat tune vhfllng M V 1‘ ‘ k‘d_ 1 f 

Mtehael and tatntly what he dldn’t '° ’}‘V‘ ““ ‘ 3"fV"‘ ‘V’ “V: ‘l"“£’° “‘V‘* ‘ comwuso ow me E
knew wa. that he would also be given “"5 "“"‘° ‘ ““ “ ‘W ” ‘r “‘ °‘ "‘

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