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; "Even the smallest system is interested
°°”""”‘° ‘WM ""5 3  in protecting its lines The state law
3- r _ requires us to do that, hut ]u.~'lb2ing
, 9 _ required to do it is not good enough.
_ ,-"ii  we need to educate tolks. 1 mean, we
' ' ,, ‘ ' ’.' ix’ need to educate tolks to call hetore they
 ~; ,g- ‘a, , dig and also ahout the imponance ui
. y ,., ' -.&r 5, ac. * spotting we are making progress, we
~‘ __ ' <}._ V 1.4 . »- still have a lot to do "
3; . -1:. »: ‘4-v.‘ . . .
_‘ . at; ‘ -\__ t. . 1  Kirhy Mayaeld, executlve director of
lift‘  ‘, : 1 ,1 .. -' Mississippi Rural waterAssociation,
- I y  It -'. -g ._ stated, ”ll really doesn't make sense tor
'-’3;¢_a‘ - r ‘ our memhers to resist memliership in
3 . the one call system The cost is small
- and the henetits are large we have
3 ‘ someone who can help us deal with
the unreasonahle excavator, and we are
notihed in advance or the work starting.
laor a rural water system that is huge,
because we may have to drive so miles
‘ one way to spot a line Learning that
we have to go spot a line in a couple ot
hours hetore the work stans creates cost
and frustration Being a memlier ui the
one call system has allowed us to hetter
' I manage our days If you are a un2<
man system like many of our smaller
systems are, that is an important
Even in this issue, check out the article
ahout Limestone county water. Izfl
Lamar tells us that damages to his
‘ water lines have heen drastically
reduced tor no other reason than
the water system became a memher
— of Alabama 811 Ask Jett ahout it
lvlemhersliip in Alabama 811 doesn't
are also now emhracing the heneats support of memliersliip, Dennis cm___g Pays
that a one call system provides to all stemherg executive director of
memhers, large and small alike Arkansas Rural water, stated that While Presenting the damage
. in the past, the association had heen l>revent-en story across the country.
The benefits vary W-th the water Dppmd to requiring mEmb,3,,_i,ip m l find more and more water systems
Dperaters you talk tor but almost every gm mgr, one can swam but um‘ attending sessions that, iust a tew years
“"319 °l"”“” Y““ ‘“"‘ “’ “"‘° ‘” “ the Rural water Association Board of agar wvnld have chosen to stay heme
'“‘"“’“ “Y” ”‘“‘ ‘‘.“‘““g“ “M 52°“ Directors was now in iull support of The reeegnitwn by Water assoelatlvns
‘*d“°‘“ “““ ‘}“""’ ““l’°"““‘ ‘° ““Y‘““ the imlialive going torward He stated that the benefits and advantages vf
Whv eates elwnt the" et>ml>ahy’s t-WE amide, being a mgmbe, Q, “,2 ' active membership in Alabama 311 far
b“"‘?"‘ 1"“ “' Wk“ °“‘.“*' ""°“‘ ”‘.° one call system as cheap insurance. ontwetgh the perceived disadvantages
dual-ty of servlce Pravtded tn the" The my D, msmbelship ,, minim, is encouraging hecause when the water
°“"‘“"‘“”- as compared to the cost ot repairs to systems get on board they bnng a
with the crowded utility riglits.ot.way, our members’ lines And the health nnnine and valuable Persveettve to the
all stakeholders have finally reached concerns ui damaged lines requlring table
the conclusion that the only way to boil orders are such that it doesn't make Gm Alabama 811 a an “my and [Ram
make signiticant gains in protecting sense to oppose membership to one call abm the bmems of mgmbmhipu 0,
our underground Infrastructure is to any longer." ask M Lama, ‘f it was a gwd ml ,0,
worlgtngether And nnqnestianably Keg}, Lee, Emm, manager of Law, his water system. we trust what he says
working together ettectively is ahout Wat“ mm Awmmm and N beam pg kmws me mwep .
better communication. Knowing that b d ’ ‘be’ ’ ‘N M . l’ m
. . oar mem r o ew Ex|ccl
someone is ahout to dig on your vital W5’ "Om M ‘he Primary mmm M
T““"“3“’.“““ ‘“‘”‘°"““‘“" "' 5°“ being a memher of New Mexico 811 Roxer Coal Prrsrdewl U/ACTSr was a
‘“f‘“"“"“‘“‘ is so that a utility will he notit'-ierl ui water and wrI5;‘ewm‘er op('m;‘al'far 15 y('m'5
A tew years ago, while speaking to a someone's intention to dig around their iv: the stale ofArkavsas- He can 171 leachvd
group ahout rural water nisotiatlnns" underground racilities " He continued, at vaxvrttiallxmugrharrge-mm-
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