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- ~horl of "the ng}I| thing." Prov-dad below I» a summary of lual
if _ When .. lnvalvcs .l.e safety of not only Mame of llm Pmmlmonary steps lo
ouzsclvza, but somcumcs eo..n.le.a be vbmrvrrl by the vanoua Panm»
;' ; olhem, we mally ahonlel nnaure .l.a. wn: Wvrklng I-ear -mrlargmund -ml-uc~.
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. . . -.r, ’_ nghl dung." "Thu: nghl |hlng" ~lmuld ugh. dung, Wm‘ mm “mP1j‘P~
, V _ ‘I — be the path one dcsmcs and dende. mmmmg dflmgn Pm,mmm/ mm
by Wxllucgjangs “P?” “”'°" ‘°""““"‘S “mafia benel... a.e gmnnd. By dolng "lhc nghl
Dlrecmr Gl:sPlp:llne Safely l"“’““‘“’“ “°“°°> Ihlng." we ean make aum .l...l .5
Alabama Publlc Selvlne Cummlsslnn whm dflmagc P,m,mm,,, ,, rammed, at Lhe fumimnl of every actlon that ..

r-.1“ "$1,. ,1.;,.g~ gmmlly ,,,,,D.m taken at .l.e ,ola ...e, .l.a. unnccemaxy
knowlng what ....l..y lnfraslrutturcs cxvenm that affm Ilm rate Payers
mlglil be located ..»..l.... «he ele..g..a.eel am not lnwlml. and. ulllmalcly. lllal
work ...ea and making every cunanuin Cmploym 50 home at mgl-I to then
cffozt la ...,.,.a dflrnflgc .9 9,0,9 :an..l.e..1l.e.-e am ..... of the an...
iacllmes. Dunng .l.e planning ~es'~'lon~, of Ll-C Alabama Damage Prcventlon
pmtonslmnlun eonremnee. and woxk Alllanm By bmamlng an act-vc,

me ,,.aa..,,g.., Mn, em,“ should [,9 Informed membe. of Lhls orgzmlzallun,
made to ldnnufy wluch ....l...e. might Y0“ can lmlp malm Alabama a Flam
be .n me work ama call. to (11: local Wlmm "lllc Hslll Ll-mg" l~ larammd on
....1..y Dmm, Pm_m,,...,m,m [M a daily baals. Yum imdback .. neeoleol
locales or walk-a-xound~ to locate la lmlla make Alabama a aaiea Place to
nmrkuw .1“... .0“ of am my. ,1“. llve and work. co to ulmw.l1Idp.1.cum to
undugmund ....l.l.e. can be ldenufiud and W ablaul ll-C Damaga l’mvm-mm
al.ead of «he aemal work to ...d .n ~.1fe lnformalwn Mmlmg~ lacmg l-clal m
exeavannn npen.l.n.... Alan, "me nghl your area. and gel m\'°lvL‘<l- U

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