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an L‘ffccl|\‘c dannnge dctcmuncd :hey have no f:1nlmL‘~, or :: b()lK0|'l1()[{1'1L‘]UCfllL‘ reqne.-: .: w|lI no:e

prevention program. one of :he mas could mean :ha: :hey forgot or ha\'cn’l which nnembm wcm nouficd and whn:
:hn: hn. been lacking m Alabama’. gottcn :n .: ye: marking re.-non.-e .nre:nn:.en need. to
‘'""‘‘’g" ”'°V°‘"‘°" P""”"?, "' Wm“ Thu pe:en::n1 my mI~'cummIIn|c:1l|()n b“ “"‘“"‘

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:e.pen.e. Thn :1llow~ n rL‘~pon~L‘ , —
s'latc~ and :he Dhmct 0‘ Lulumbm pmgmm n.ed by Alabama an H
back :n :he excavator n. to wha: :he
_ rcquuu opcmtuh :n cunimunmam to :he eu::en:1yme:1y:an :1 voluntary bash. nr :he1nen:e neqne.: n a: :he
cxcavator, m one form or anotlml, that 1: a mcmbcx faulny ewne: due. no!
end ul :he two wurkmg day noucc
:hen work haw‘ been cumplctcd. :e.pend w.:1nn 24 111.»IIr~' of :he mmal
vemve rL‘~p1.m~c haw‘ been de.-enbed n. 422 hour nuntc :hen :he rcquc~'l w.u be
To help xmpmvc :h.. poruun of :he
a ngn.nenn:e1emen: .n 1.»nc»c:1llI:1ws. auto clmcd and ne:ed as ~u:h
pmcL‘~~‘,Al:1bama an hn. :1 pchmvc

Some ~katc lz\w~' auew :hn: :he rcspunw program .-:a::ed on n The pe.::we rcs'pons'L‘ mqulrcmcnt n
markang. made by rae.h:y ownch volllnlzuy bans‘ bcgwmmg on June 1, a mean. of cloung :he eommnnnnmn
n.»n~ulIItn p1.»~Il|vc rc~'pons'c. In other 2012. Mcmbcn nr Alabama an may lm.»p~:1 way to cxwum :hn: be:h pzulms
~t:1lc~' dnfinud I’v.»~mvc Rcapnnac paru:Ip:1lct()pmvxdcthc .~'laku~ nr arc nn :he ham: page by mqulnng
progmm~h:1vL‘ been Inmamd :e :he locale mqucils :hey a:e nenhed :ha: ope:n:e:.- get baek .n much wnh
tommumtatc m mum depth :he ~'latua for me: :he two working day noncc L‘x:avatv.»r~' to Ie: tlmm knew that :he
oftl\cf:1ulxtym:1rk1ng~' pne: to :he of L‘x:z\\'zm()n :1:l|v|ty. The.-e can be :eqne.: hn. been cluacd.

propumd ~t:1lc ui excavation. Thn n vmwud wnhm Alabama an dnee:1y or

~ To obtam addmonal xnlormauon vuu
vlcwcd a~' a vcxVImport:1nla~'pcctof thmuglluul :he Gc1.»Rcm()tL‘ web portal , —
e . , , , ,_ V can contact Icnmfcr Lee :1!/V0012!/11811

pn..:n,e IL‘~pon~c w 1111c :1l:L/Mm M811 tum. An em‘ alor can [ ‘ E I

tlcarly .nd.en:e :hn: :he rae.h:y uwncr ‘“'” '” "“’“ ‘" ""““ "’“ U

hn. fulfilled n~ ublugauon, :he abscncc

wot .u
AK n. .:.:..,. W ..  .» nee. Am”. "1 mm”.
win)‘ .mm ..».a And T mm.‘ N. 39°.“ mu".
::...n n..n,eW:,,..rn,.:....~.
..... :. 1‘ .. ..._...._............. .a..... ., .._...
‘  “‘" “. ’..‘.‘:‘f“..“. :§.”.1:2"‘ “"“  . ...... ,..a........
2015 mm A!ab.:ms511 . 5

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