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loealors/operalors we need lo ensure area. affected. Cummumcalmn must he
that evcxyon: a. communicating on the a ronsaanl an lhese types of .-aluauons.
same elaannels and undnnlands ([1: If rhe cxcavalm has any eoneern. about
. . amporlanee of eornplelenes., aeeuraey the loealaons of lhe faulmes, he should
Communlcatlons— aaa..n.a,,.ae...a, communicatewlthlhclutatur/upcralox
D 0 We re and Cumplctlng loeales for zxcavatlon Iovnnfy. The localor/npcmloz should
Y aelwaales. also venfy llae areuraey of the loraae.
Communicate? Cfl)fl}1l2l2flL'SS~|'nak|ngs|.I!Q(1lflla“ ;;';j;;f,';j;';§;‘;;ggf;f;,*§;,‘f,§"=
helow-ground anhaslrurlure .y.lems , ‘I 1 ’ H’ M I’ G ‘,1 I
are nouhed. unxorlunalely, lnAlr1br1ma ,°“‘ “’“_ “ ” °“ ‘°" “ “°""“ ”
or as.a.aanre. communaralaon.
ahal ran he a hard lhmg Io aeeomplash AM“ can an, ,be “com “cab
T sanee ahere are so many syslem. that "V ’ , ‘ _b ‘ P ; ‘,1 , V
are not part of a eenlralazed one.eall "“"’°’ “’"‘"‘““““ “’“’ “ “L” ‘
 ereavaaor, the loealor and Lhe operaaor.
, , syslem. Many undcrgzound faclllty
3; A operalors havn uaear own one.eall Timing — makmg .ure that enough
nollficatlon syslem. and (11: cxcavatun rame as gwen for «he loealor/operalor
KI — may he unaware of that fact. Sull, || lo aeeuralely lorale (hm: fr1alml:~. Mo.-1
a. up In the cxcavalox to ensure |hr1l slaae., lncludlng Alabama, mqulrc a
7 __I, ALL syslern. are notlficd praor In 48-hour nouee praor lo zxcavatmg. If
I ,_ H hegannang any typr: of sxcavatlon, an excavator know. lhar ahe pmjctl a.
, ~ -' v  hased on Alabama code §37-15- large, he need. to eommunaeale rhaa
- . . II: ~1(b).Thc excavator a. laahle for any to lhl: loeaaor/operaaor The excavator
damages even at ahey are nol aware mlghl need to glvn addauonal lame
by Wxllascemrles of the eraslenee of Lhl: underground for lncatlng Lhc raealanes at the locale
Dllecmr Gus Plpellne Safely iaclllty. Thl. purs an addltlunal hurden reque.-l as for a larger-ahan.normal
alraarao Publlc Selvlze Cnmmlsslan on ahe excavator to ensure t11r1lALL area. He should eornmunaeaae rhas to
iacllmes are loeaaed praor lo ereayalaon. ahe loealor/operalor and work wuh
They must communlcale wuh people ahem lo ensure that he does not star!
0,, H00, ,,,,,,,, 0, ,,, ,,,,,0 an Lhc area lo delennlne If Lhcrc are work praor to lmvmg all zaealaues
,,c,,d 5, p0,,0,,,,,,, 0, any other raealalae. that are unknown loealed If he a.- not sure that all laealaues
H ~D,,,p D,,,,,,..,,,~ ,,,,,,,. my to Lhcm praor lo cnmmencmg work. have been marked praor tn bcgmmng
,,,,, ,,,,, M0,, he ,,,,,00, Only hy spending (11: extra lame and work he needs In commumcnle wlth

, 00,,,0,,,.,0,, ,,,,,1, ,0,,,,0,,0y 1, ,,0, cffozt lo elaeek on ahe pos.ahalary of ahe locale!/opnratur to renarn lo Lhe

,,,, ,,,,,,, 0, g,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,0 he olhex raealalae. an rhe area can Lhey he work ~Ilc tn venfytlmlocr1|inna.IfLhL‘

p,,0,,, my M010, bi ,,,,0,,,,,g ,0 wam, as.ured of not damagmg someahang loealor/operalor realares the prayed

,,, 5,0, ,,, .,,,,, N0, ,,.,,,,,,,, 1,0, ,,0,.,,,,,, undugmund and possahly causing wall not he complcled an ahe erpeeled

, E000, my ,0 ,,,,,,,0 ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,0, a ca|asu'opluc eyenl. The loealor/ uml: frame, he should rommunaeale

,,0,,0,, ,, many ,,,.,0,,,,,,, ,,,,,c,, M, ,.,a,, operalor must also ensure that all thl. lo ([12 Excavator lo work out a

, ,0,,,c,,,,,0,,_ um, med ,,,,,,0,, my iacllmes are marked. If any queslaon. uaahle solullon Both parlaes musl

,,,,,0, ,,,,,,, 16., ,,,a,, ,,,c0,,,,,,,,, ,0.,,,,. an.-e, (112 localor/upcmlox mu.-a Contact eommunaeale lo ensure that no zaealaues

9,0 ,,,0,,,, ,,,,0 ,, ,,,0, ,,,0,,,,,,, , ,,,,,. lhe ereayaror and eaa.aare all raealalae. are damaged communaeauon. correel

,,,,,,g 0,,,,,c,,0,,0,,,,g ,0 ,,0, ,,,,,,,,, ,0 he as responsahle for are located an Ilmmg ean only he areomphshed If

,,,,,,, ,0 ,,,c ,,, ,,,, ,r,»,., 0,,“ ahe work area Cummumcallun ahe cxtavalur and lucaloz/opuatux
complelene.s rannoa he aeeomplashed cummumcalc walla earh other.

so, do we really :ummumcr1tL‘7 Or do W,,,,0,,, ,,

we yusl talk and hope Lhl: otlmr per.on The amwer to the hm <1“°5“‘°“

,, ,,,,0,,,,,g ,,,0, ,,,,,,0,,,,,,,0,,,,g w,,,, M. Accuracy — maklng .ure ahal cveryonv: should he an dffirmatlvu, "Yes, we

,,, ,,,,,,,g ,0 ,.,,,,7 Am W, mu), gc,,,,,g undemand. llae Exact loralaon of the need to cummunlcalc," but do we?

00, 00,", ,C,,,,, 0, ,,0 ,,,0 ,,,,, ,0,,,,,g ereayaalon aeuyalae. that wall he Iakmg Cummumczmun doesnw .u.l happen

,,,0 ,,, 0,,, 0, 0,,, ,,,,,g, and ,,0,0,,,,,g plare. By wlaaaelanang or marking an we musl work al n and make It a

,,,,, ,0“, ,,,0,,,, ,,, , ;,,,,,0 ,,,0,,,,0, ,0 some way Lhc excavator ean he sure praomy wlaen we have work that a. as

,,,,,,,0 ,,,,,,c,,,,0 ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 0,,, ,,0,,,, ahal the loralor/operalors wall mark the Important as excavation. we .hould

0,,,,,,,,a M0,, 0, ,,,E ,,,,,,a ,, ,, ,,,0 ,,,,,0,_ eorrerl area. If any r,ue.nons arase, llae always rememher that eommunaealaon

W0 4,, "0, mm ,,,,,,,,,0, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, loealor/operalor should eornmunlraae a. a two-way .-lreel, not a one.way

T1“, ,, ,,,,,,,, happen, ,00 ,,,,,,,, 0, ,,,0 wlth ahe errayaror to ensure proper avenue we must cummumcalc an every

,,,,,0 0,0,, 0,, m,,,,,,,,, ,. ,,,,p,,,g locnlmg seryaee. are romplered. on aspect of the ,oh Io make sure that our

,,,a,,, ,0 mg ,,, , m,,,,,, ,00,,,,,,,, He large proyeels, cummumcalmn should workers gr: home safely eaoh night

p,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, and ,,,,,0,,, ,,,,, ,. 1,, he a eon.-lanl actlvlty work areas and we don't havn a rala.-arophae event

am, ,0 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0 ,,,,,, ,0 ,,,0 ,,,0,,,,, mlghl rhange; erews mlght he slaahed that dasrupas .eryare to eusaomer.

0, 9,, ,,,,,,,,, 0,,,,,0,/0,00,,,0,7 Io otlmr loeanons due to urgnncy of Cummumcale walla your staff,
rhe proreel bung worked on; localors cummumcale with your eu.aomer.-,

Th-a h an arm that wc need to spend for the area mlghl change and (lit new cummumcale wlth your ronlraeaor.

>0"-2 Um“ 0“ W112" Educmns ‘hf loealor would need to he brought up comrnunieale so we have a sale work

excmt-on comm-h--ty and the ID .peed on what as happenang an ahe envaronmenl Q

o . Alabama s11 2a1E,!ssu¢2

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