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Plpellne Safety
are you ever tlown in an terleral agency—Lhe u.s. Deparnnent ot finding a sate place to land The View
airplane? At this point in Transportation. itnini a plane several thousand teet
 ‘Win*°"L:*hI':s‘?§j‘haPfi>En:t°atf :l;::::,:::.:;;‘5:::,?;r::::::‘a:s

probably have. Are you atrairl ui “P ad“! d 9 P‘ ‘ff L‘! “’““_ > way’ ground

flying? If so, why? it not, why not? "the °°“"d°’“ :*;"1‘”‘ E ““l““* 9:‘ Al i 11 f I _ _
Dvemhdmmg mawmy of people who afime urlig a iappens lo a pipe ine, o; o t e hlralnlng or pipe 136:‘):
fly mad‘ ‘M, dmmmn Sm” ‘H pm, t Ep|dpE lge operator is aways sinii ar to hi lzlralnmg require ii
We mum argue ‘hat lmmpmmon eonsi ere a primary suspeet. people or o desigilo, bull? operate‘
to and troni the airport is tar more one big ditterenee; when an airplane ““ ’“““f‘“‘f‘ “"'f’.““l‘;' “““.“‘;““h
dangemut than flying itselt (no, l crashes, the pilot is ALWAYS the finl to ““.'“"““” "‘ “ “"“‘“ “Cm ‘“ °‘
have no‘ memhzd the it is iinportant to (2121; ff:JuIbr1ll>I:rm
statisties) A remarkable " 9" ) "‘“ ‘“‘,‘,‘
thing about airplanes is Y°“’ 1”‘ “P-

that todays airplanes are ¥’(‘;YM’E"‘3T“{/Té“7JN
amazlngly relialile. what .
happens when there is a “E D,O‘NG’ V “
problem while an airplane “l°‘°1:‘ ‘b“"‘“ "fE}“r
is in the air: Pilots are ““‘ “R 2"“ “ ‘Em?
trained to deal with \ ‘“°’°' '“ "‘“° t

oh better to

problems. some problems \\,_, ‘“

are worse than others be °l:‘_ ‘he 3’°“"d
Most are minor. some ‘’‘'‘”h'“5 Y?‘ W?“
require hemic aetion. ‘“‘ E N“ a“ “‘
can you say "Miracle on “*2 ““ ‘”‘;“"‘g Y“;
the Hudson"? captain “"3" °“‘ 9 Sm" -
Sullenbergzr will tell you Tim, ;, no “my

he does not eonsider hirnselt a hero. the seene ot the crash: [know 7 l ain a to be atraid ot flying and there is no
He was well trained and used his skills pilot and the pilot sits at the tront of the need to lie atraid ui pipeline. But

10 identify the b2~'t °P“°“ L-vet that airplane. That is not always true with both deniand respeet.

could have easily been lost were not pipeline operators

because of the derisions Sullznbezgcr _ _ “N” “N W“: * “"9 ="<‘“ ""4 bf
mdn and “R my he mpkmemed :oni:one once ::id gjgng is hours 0: sate out there.. .

. . r ore orn punr ate y moments o
‘hm? d°=m°“~- “WV?” W36“ the ahm ‘mm (Thaw m M and , am loltii rcflrkd from PHMSA and IS eiirmttly
mm"? mm": Tom Hm-ka yet but! I k. ‘ I ‘ My lgyd ) Vice Prrsldcnl orplpeliiir S_l/sfmll Camphr
understand it is tairly realistic ° ‘C ‘"5 ° ‘ * C“ ‘W “ “ *°“"‘ 4 O 5. G p
A’ »1 [V L}. ‘»‘ I (1 H i ante rm per/Iflmls UTICCS far 2 l1n‘—

why are we talking about airplanes gusllflixfg  ri:re:rs uff, ""5, LLC Emmi Inhu I/1CD1J1‘(KL‘x2—:s.r0ln
when this is supposed to be about a lot of flying ls (at least to me) bonng.

pipeline safety? Tlunk about the As bunng as it may be, you still have to

siniilanties Both technologies started stay vigilant. Things can go itnini bormg

about the saine tinie (theearly 1900's). to terriiying quickly! Thzlsame holds

Eulhmzplanesnndplpellnzaam truefornpemungaplpeltnz There may nan
extremely reliable. when either one be some pipeline personnel who get a mflfl
has a failure, it has the potential to thrill out ot staring at a pipeline conlml
lie eatastrophie with both, there is mumloz (a lot ltke an air traffic control % ‘ 2 E 3 9 5
the potential that innocent people monitor), but, at least tor me, that is g g 
could be iniured or leilled. Airplanes no. mo .3,“ a,. gym 3,. a,,Pian,3 5 -.3 5 9 3 2 7 3  ‘
,mrtr.,r.,.r,,.sar n,,ei,rs an (112 ground as at § Imam:
pipelines Pilots and pipeline operators have to be patrolled at spet-ii’-re intervals 3 9 4 2 n
are typically very well framed Bath depending on the pipeline but it is not '77’ 3 am
are highly regulated by the saine the same as taking ott, navlgatmg, and an
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