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So what exactly do all these pipelines transport?
There l~ n wldc range nt pmdII:l~ traveling through the lhmI~'zlrld~ at mtles 0fPIPL‘1Il'IL‘*', evervtlung from gm tar
vaur ear tn oxygen tnr hnsprtals. Mnnv at them preeluets can be highly tlammnhle, harmtul rt inhaled, eause eye
nr ~klnlIrltt1l|un or powlbly enu.e ahtneultv breathing. some nt the matennls mula eause crl\'ln.»nmcntaldzlmt1gc
lseenuse nt these pntentrnl lrnzartls, II rs rmpnrtnnt tnr nur netghhnrs tn bu nhle to Iucognlzu a prpehne lcnk
Recognizing a pipeline leak
Using your sense of sight, smell and sound will help you in recognizing a suspected leak.
I A dense, white cloud orfog I An unusual smell orgaseous I An unusual noise coming from
overa pipeline odorwill sometimes accompany the pipeline, such as a hissing
I Discolored vegetation a Pipeline leak. or roaring sound, maybe a sign
surroundingthe pipeline ofa leak.
I Bubbling in wateror creeks
oran oily sheen on water
I Frozen ground in warm ~
I Dirt blowing up from the
round Krttm whats below.
g call before you dig.
What TO DO If You Suspect A Leak What NOT TO DO If You Suspect A Leak
- hnmethately lenve the area. ~ Do not touch, breathe or make euntaet with the leaking ha-
- lt pmsthle turn off any equipmzmbeing used m uld~ er gas. Slay upwma if passnale.
nr near the suspeetea leak Ahanaun any zqulpmenl - Do not light a match, start an engine, use a tzlzphnne, tum
bclng Ihcd nna movc upwhul tram the suspeeteel on 0! art any type at eleen-teal swrteh such as a light, garage
lcnk. door opener, etc. Di’ do anything that may create .tnhe or n
- Fmm a sate location, call 911 at your local zmcrglsnty ~pazk.
respanse number aml the prpehne cnmpzny. call :ol— - Do not attempt In extinguish any prpehne are thnt mny start
leet, itneeaea, and give yaut name, phane number, - Do not drive into a leak at vapnr cloud area. Autumubllu
alesetrptrpn of the leak and its location engines may rgmte the vapnrs.
- wnm others to ~tay away when pos~lblL\ - Dc not attempt In operate valves.
Pipeline Operator's Actions during an Emergency
ln the unhkelv event u[ an neeraent nr leak, the prpehne npernter who rs notified wlll tmmeahntely tlupateh pchnnncl tn
the srte to help handle the cnicrgcnty nna tn pmvldc lrlformatlon to puhhe satety etnetnls to :l»I~t in therr rc~pnn~u tn the
cnmxgcncy. Plpcllnu teehtuerans null nlsn take qurek action .ueh n. startrng and .tepprng pump~ ur mmpressnrs, elnsmg and
opening valvcx, nna srnulnr steps tn mlmnuzc the rmpaet of the sttuatrnn. These rcs'pondur~ nre henvtly tmtnea thmuglmut
the yenr tn enmre therr \'tl_'lghb()l’1't()tJdi\ returneel tn rts wL‘ll»bL‘|ng.

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