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3 3 Ore DU lg Be aware of pipeline
A pipeline could be buried _ hlgarfiersaln 3'31"
near you nelg Ol‘ 00 _an at your
wo rkslte
For yaiir satety, pipelines are nlarkzd by above grflund
signs to pniyiaie an inaieatian of their presence,
ar; be|ow_ ap§ruxll£n:‘le‘l|iD<:afior;, matfetlzal earrieel an: the nanie
- . an can a i orma ono eeani an t a a erates
'  b9f°'9 W" “'5 the pipeline. Markers niay be anywiexvynlung Sue
' right-of-way (a ship at land iisiially about 15 ID 150
- —~ teet wiele that contains a pipeline) ar aiireetly aver the
pipeline itseli. These markers are generally yellaw.
_ black and red in color. The pipeline niay nat tallaw
" a straight eaiirse between rnarkers. while rrlarkzrs
_ are helptiil in locating pipelines, they an nat praviale
, iiitarniation siieli as haw inany pipelines are belaw ar
= ‘_ V the rlepth of the lines. The primary tiinction at these
3" inarkers is to ielentiiy the lucatmn of the pipeline
7 generally as nnlalert tiithase who might lie working
along the pipeline EDl'ndDr tor another iitility ar
-' 4 — during the eanstnietien of hanies iirbiisinesses
. ' nearby. Ynu sliinilei be aware of any pipeline markers
. ,4 m . ,.
A r — — yoiir nzlghburhund. As the snylng goes, l<naw
your neighbors." write down the naine and pliane

The people of Alabama depend on numbers appearing on the pipeline markers in case at
Williams pipelines to help meet their Emergency»

ene(gy needs That-S Why Wevre r-ipeline inarkers are important tor the saiety at the

general piiblie. it is a teileral crime for any persan

depefidlng 0” BXCBVNOVS I0 03“ 81 1 tn willhilly rletace, eianiage, ieinove nr rlestrny any
before digging anywhere in the vicinity pipeline aigm 0! right-Di-Way marker-

of our pipelines.

. Hi h conse uenceAreas
If you should happen to accidentally g ‘I
. . . . ln ilccnrdance with teaeral regulations, some
Smke 3 p'pe"”e_' " '5 ‘"_‘p°'1am ma‘ _ areas near pipelines have been designated as High
you contact us immediately. Even minor cianseqiienee Areas. For these areas. siippleniental
- hazard assessment and preventian pnigranis

damage could result in a future leak if kmwn mmgmy ggmmlpmgmms haw

not promptly repaired. been elevelnperl. It a pipeline nperatar has High

canseqiienee Areas, intorinatian abaiit these plans
 _ ‘ may be available tlirpiigh their company's website Dr
call 811 Before You Dig! It s The Law. by contacting the operator’: niipaiate officzs.
- - t et Ousan so mean pipe 'nes,eyery ing in
For more Information. contact us as for your car a oxygen Iorhospitals Many of these
at our non-emernencv number= 
r n r y i
1   breathing. Someoffllematedalsoouldmuse
- - environmental damage. laecaiiae of tliese potential
hazards, it is important for our neighbols to be ab
' ' line leak.
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