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Can’t get a good ground? Now what? Eyslm Em"-’
Ltmztmg .5 no! an shun grass and ,n..e...»nt. Eva‘!/Hvlng yau hack to 1:/yam I/In hack to 1) at all) do...-mt /zhm_|/5 Innate hkc .t says .t mu In My
bank 5n,m("vA'/:mm1 rm ald Inmmr whn has bcwz mllni Am 1::/zrtymttes/nrhrlyv. He w/15"’! znvolmcrt m huzldmg the firs! Iamnug devzcc, hut hr
pmh/zbly used .t min‘ :21’ mute btfnrc he Itpgrrlrierfl we zwlratnc Slcm‘ Bcvzzzc to nurfmmlu afsuh/9:! matter npnts. He smws nfamtlrs In My
Mptmrung K11 M/13/zzmes an wrmcn mm Wm, (hr tmzm la:/1Im'. m mmd. 1; no dacsn? rm/('1' mum’ question, just eemet him and la! him respattd
to yaurspenfit summon. [Anew he'll he mart’ than glad to help yum get 1! ngm PnN:5hm'
nyonc who 1.a. been eabte nave: to Lhe end of Lhc eoble It may be The ]nmled ends, ..1t1.ongb pmsibly to. any Ilmc will that you need a dense t1...t has even n .n...1oted, will have some eop..nt..nee
be quick to pcunl out a higher neqneney that you typically n.e ne.o.,a the ,o.nt. unng tow fxcqunncy
rew uaniul too. that beup to help you on Lhls one. Typnal toente pupa Iedmlqlles doe. not
to 1oea.e o eab1e oz T1.e.e may fmquennta tend to be m the range of get a good path but switching
anexnde 51ZHz to 32kHz Tbe.-e fmquunucs to 4aukHz aIlow~ the signal to me Ihc
M offnr good to nuise locales whcm capacxlancc of tbe ,o.nt to nnnp eve. the

' Way“ "V l“ W a ‘W’ “‘=fi“‘“°Y good .. pee.-ent. Have you .n.o1oted .eet.on.

- Make has good Cormdnmd something in Lhe A V d i _ A V h V

conununy .ange ui48lJkHz for poor _ ‘W’ " ‘_”"“'“'"5’ " “‘ “.‘“ _
mum”? men, the use of lug}: t._eonene.e. such
- Mnke .n.e t1...t bod. end. me well 48lJkHz can be benenent .n many
g,,,.,mn.d so why -I8UkHz? wen the answer .5 :|,bulhku on good t1nng.
that .1l480kHz tbe Mgnal mu ”bleed them ..- n Understanding
- Make aum you mm R $004 smlmd off” the eobie due to t1.e dnslnbuled these limitations can .-t.u allow t1.e
“°""=°“°" eopoe.t..noe of the e..b1e to gmnnd. user to apprncxatn the bcnnfits of high

mm m an gm. ~<uggE-‘ions’ bu, Tl1cm'~ no need to go .nto cxplanauuna frequency locale tone.. The two mam
We kmw mm me ,, no, way. so if v.£‘}.aLtl11:h|a,fbut suffice it to .say— downndes arc:

..n.p1e me, to. .n.-tonee, the t1n.d c -g er c rcquencw l C greater ‘ , .
~'uggcs'IIun"mak£~'um .,on.eno.a.e u«e~ee«m»~Nowum1ex.»wel- 3]§‘;:‘;':j‘;;‘ffhfF?{jf;:;f;£‘:’§$f‘“
well gmundzd.” Many cables mu ur-smut-rlwl cables been-we the E}; fllwgmuh m a ubleed an. mm
“°‘ 5“ $”’“““‘°‘ “‘ ”‘° ““ °““ ‘°’ ““ ”"““"""“ mm‘. " “V °‘ Fwd” . so zetnmng signal ennent. tmebng
lmslnnms it" that mam)»/*PPlvl"lz “’°“““‘ “““ ““°“" ““‘ "5““' “’ l’"‘’ throu }. the round ....v lmch . nde
“ ‘°“’ "°‘l“°"<>' °'8““‘ “ml” ‘W l" ‘‘‘’"‘_‘1‘“ °""d““‘_°’ ‘“'° "‘“ 3“’““d on ofe. uulbsuei, .e.n1§;ng .n .nn1t.p1e
Lhcse c|zEumat.1ncE~' ean be tnnt1e.s and so comvlrlm lllv C-rm-l l>a=l< lv ‘hr . . \

F I _h _ mmmma um the mkHZ made ngnox potb. n.e.e tend to be ..nane.

°' °*""‘P °/ ‘ “ll ‘“'“l”'°“’= dml” '° “ 3 .-. nals so enoetnn lncaun lechm uzs
,,,¢ w;u,,,obgb1y "0, be gmunded, hclpa dI:IEElI1'1E~'C .1.on, nneo.t1.ed E; ha (0 ‘dmmv am rim“ can *
pot ended eobles that have been (able dY°P‘ P ' ’
tennannted because they ...e no xonge. Th” is not mt end 0, ‘hr W“, h Z)A~'t11n ngnal mu ”blm-d off" over t1.e
rcquutd or beeon.e tlmy havn been 1o.d mmz cm am be A gml Help in entne l2ngLh of Lhc eab1e, the dhlancn
.n zmucxpallon ofbemg used latnr are dzmmg mm W, "on P,Pc,,,m the s-anal wlll travel along ll»: table
also not likely to be g.onnded. Many 0, ‘hm: Plpzhm Wm hm o. plpn non be [05 than that ot a law
_ _ frequnncy Mgnal. [I ~l\auld be noted

.; mm ,. no gmuno, 0, M gm.,,.d,ng .n.n1..ted ,o.nt.. T}... eneetnent um W“ [W M “M [mm mm
a. poor, malong a good g.on..d |mul.1l|on may be o result of cormdmg h am; fbm Whgm Did mum“ W
mmm,D,, g. M gPp,,m“,,, Pm, and ‘umts nnd nuts and bulb, or bctauan the gem)  g s »
ebeenong to. eont.n.nty a. not ~2al-ng mater-al -Md to Iom lllc plum P ’ ‘

,0 1,2,}, mmm fig mm ,, ,,o“,.,m eon Emalc an msulatzd ,o.nt. Enbe. way, Ifyuu haw qucstiuvts U1’ curntncttfs am:
for the signal to tnwel to .1 t}.e.e .5 no llus I~ bad ncm for someone lrymg Hos amete Dr rclnttd Inpzrs, fcclfrcc fu
gmund "I ‘ha fa‘. mi wt Shaun ‘M R to dI:lCElI1'1L’ posmon of the p.peIme etmmcr Steve at.

ebtteeent tcchmquv: to get the ngnan to Capacmvv Effects help lmm alas Sm mmmw mm

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