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The Power of Safe Digging
By Ken Gllmtve
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labama power company 1. underground Powex conduit and cable - Depending on the application
is impacted by the and type oi soil, Alabama Pnwez company underground cables are installed vnth
underground Damage or without conduit. Concrete encased conduit is utilized ior cntical main line
Preventlon state Law in two cables voltages oi Alabama power company underground eables range irom

iiery important ways as an excavator lzn volt street light cable to 115,000 volt transmission cable. Pmvldzd below are
and as an underground iaeility pictures oi the more rommonly installed Alabama Power company underground
operator Not only are we digging conduit and cables;

trenrhes, installing new anchors, and

installing new poles everyday but we

also have over 10,000 miles oi buried

electneal iacilities that need protecting

when underground power cables are

damaged, people can be iniured or

kllled by electric shock, arcing current,

or an explosion. underground power I .

cable damage is the result oi cable

insulation being penetrated by a shai-p

ob}2ct such as a digging tool or being .

crushed by a derrick truck auger or ‘

the bucket oia backhoe. Resulting - 0

electiieal ares can be catastrophic,

espeeially when damage spreads to .

other nearby underground iacilities , ®

such as gas pipelines ln some cases,

the dlflerence maker between sate —

digging and an electncal iacility

damage event can be: 1) the application ‘

of a general understanding oi eleetncal

iacilities, 2) the visual inspection oi

above ground electrical iacilities and

3) “*2 “>2 0‘ E“°=“‘"= =°""“““i=““°') 1 3 'i7Vc caiiiiiai . Tilt‘ eycaiiiaaii iitiano INN) wiaoaiiia Fowl caiiiiiaiiy ai.iiripioai.ii.aiic K (may V0 mlov
between the excavator and the electrical THA‘LDHl1Hfl   lei/1 v..i.~ iiiiaiiiiiiiiy or W aiii. rtrylimdli Hwxvllllvvif
iacility operator. M _ ,

2 r-1/I7 IVWHMWJAIIIVVVHIVVVH ti 009 iii. r-iiiiiaiv coir. ms HAMDIMHJ PMN‘! Cllflvplfllyi HAM? (UVVHVVAW ...mi...i.
ratio. WNW/Hy‘ iiiiiiciyiiiiiiiiiaitiiraitaaiiiri iiiiiiiaiyiaiicsiais i.ii.pii.,./ioiii R2 Awt: iii emaicat.ii..iiiii.iiiii
, i . . g. Vflvivypcvl/m UV\‘NIDIAHDvVA)p77¢(i)NDvv<
' 3 2 uJnmit1 2 mm 'YY$H[flH‘V1AHIVYYHIYHH arm V0U54‘(0Hl1lVVV/ catitr . ms is .4lt)b(mn) Palm‘! ctiiiiiiaiiys iiiiist
I g (U1VHm)H taitiisioyr raicoiuaiy/eiiirrl lAVV41A‘!XVAllLVVl1L‘L1WC no rain MHWSNAIHMA‘111$!!!/MWlL‘lrb!(< oiiiiiim
, ’, hl;_'4‘NVCVIA))Wfi1u»l’C 121N240 ml! iiieiiiiii.ii.ii siiiiai
;_ ; ‘;,/ 7,, 4 Z'5Il1<uIi)h‘l’AIIAWHHHH509 Vl)!t5cmtlr1i)lyCrll/It The«mm:pvlvpo<t‘lythv<ImllLultngcIlllm1!t‘llmblt‘lsN
';:;:V\,.‘\V;  Vim/»llC12I7 1AtIII\‘lLvtt‘m<m>ctll,g>M<
_ . .-5.».__.a‘g, I .i :5 Klm:C0ypcv . rai )‘l1§mHg(>!vvv!lllmg( HH)A70iVl‘VHCHI tiairrnpri mvvduflol K vvv»‘MH(l1/ANNH)/lvvtfld gmlivmillg
_ _.,“ . Ii  i)pVH(i)HOH< N iinviriiiiiiiiiciit )M)IL‘5 iii Hmsmllt‘tmlthnum<;lctw1lllltIr1cv;_vmlllIr1 catitrs
(.4 I ‘g.
i , 2. visual Above Ground lndiczlors — ln addition to contacting i~tl.sll and
 nun-AL811 members as appropriate, it is highly recommended to periorm
i an inspection oi your proposed excavation site ior evidence oi underground
, r iii electrical iaeilities. The iollowing are typical clues that indicate Alabama Power
’ V! _ ' , company underground eleetrieal iacilities are located nearby.
" C . - overhead Power Lines - Al iirst glance, it may appear that all electrical
iaeilities are located above the ground However, "n~'er~"’ are commonly
i’ attached to poles ior the purpose oi transitioning iron. an overhead system to
an underground system. in addition to overhead power iacilities, "user poles"
provide a clear indication oi underground power iacilities as well.
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ratitii l1[HVuZg(4‘L’ by noon»
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