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The people of Alabama depend on
WiHiams pipelines to help meet their
0Vt'aday~,Um(t1(kIng 811 bcmm coniineiitiiig anergy needs Tiqatg Why We're
an L‘XCZ\\'t1ll()l'I pI0yL‘([ I~ not only the smart .
{h‘ngt()du"ti5lhC]a\‘,! depending on excavators to call 811
B_mmM,m,My~ mm“), before digging anywhere in the vicinity

It tiiek n dL‘>||’L‘ to makc K1'ung~ bctturun the pnitet of 0”’ p‘pe“”eS'

R0(1'\L‘~(Cl’ CIR‘ at Eieetne cn. and i<ne1ie.iei Ieiephene

(nip to create the first ”0hL‘rCt1“" ~y~lcm \Vl~hIhg teenei If YO“ Shomd flapper‘ ‘O a°°‘d5”"3"V
yuzin()[taciIityd:inmgi:(and t11L‘IL‘suIllhg1'\ul'ht1rI iiiiuty strike a pipeline, it is important that

and ((\un(lL‘~>(|uKagL‘~), the teiephene flfld eieetne st gm V
utlhlicainR0:11u~tcrcami:togDlhcrin1969 and ieinieti V0“ coma“ “5 'mmed‘ate'y' Eve” mm”
whnt beennie the UndL‘rgr()und Ft1(l1lUL‘~Pl’()lL‘Cll()\'\ damage could result in a future teak if
oieniiizntiiin (UFPO) UFPOi~ now known .i- DI}; Satcly not cm H 9 av ed

New yeik. Dig Sziluly New Y(u’kCOVL‘r~ New yeik ~lzitL‘ Dr D V ' p " '

()ul~1dL‘()[LnngI~land and New York city

Thu ccntur wn. L‘~[abIl>l1L‘d in pm and bugan npumtlng in '

Itilfllflry 1<i7ti. it .tniteei ~I'nt1U. one 0pL‘l’at()l’* n teiephene

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bu~lnC~‘>ldt1y!lI()nl L‘XCi\\'t1lm’s and p:\~~L‘dlhL‘ll1r\[urrnaUun For more information, contact us
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~y~tL‘m, which tinmniitteai ImagC~ et the npL‘r:\mr'~

ht1ndwnttcn Excavation nntite.

T\\’L‘n(y—fI\/L‘ years nitei the fnundmg et the mt (\hL‘—

enii center in Rnchcstct, one Call Sy~tum~ intetiintiiinai

(now n pnit at the ceiniiiiin cniiiiia Aiiinnte) held theii - -

M4 Anniini 5ynIp()~lurn in R(\ChC~[L‘r and honnrcd the wI”IafflS.>

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2015 Vsstiel Aubamtifill . 7

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