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I quesriun 7 whlch eame firsI— the ehreken or the egg? You
.' I « / wnuIdn’t need locatlng ii llmm wash’: lzxcavauun and there
‘ ,_ ~ ‘l shouldn't be cxcavauon wulruul lueahng. Hawever, somenmes u
f ' g r sc2m~ these two ear. be alodd~ Vfltll eaoh other.
.~ I For the nxcavatlng communlty, ll rs lrnporlanl that Lhelx locale requesls
, __j are done bath on hme and acnlmlely l-laumg these two tntzna mzl
helps save potential rluwnnme Thl~ downllmc can be mlatnd to walllng
fur loeale. to be completed, (112 stoppage of uperanons rlue to dhcuvtry
of an unmarked or nu.-marked iaclllty and far wurse, Lhe pulenhal of
elawnume due to a damaged faclllty. [I also reeluees Lhe potential threat
vfi ._ to properly or human lrre to have qualrry lucatno mmplzlcd correctly
5 I " For the loealor, ll rs rmpormru that Lhey he prrmrled the MINIMUM of
‘Q the two workmg day nonee and qualrry laeanon lnfunmlllnn on average,
.1- meludmg wnck2nd~ and hohdays, Alabama 811 proresses ovez1,650lo:all:
requesrs per day, of whlch the majorlty of those requlm |o be located wllhln
are two wurkrng days, same less than that The lueanng communlty must
handle the darly incomlng wurkload whrle alsu aeromoelanng shan nauee
reque.-ls, emergeneres and damages The more accuzzlle lniormatlon they
are provided as to how Iv.» reaeh Lhe exczlvatlon sue and where to cxaclly locale, lrke are use of
whlls palm, helps facllllale lhcm pmvldlng heuer quality locale ssrvlces.
As wlth sa many of the rssues minted to quallty damage preuenuon pragrams, (11: key
eammues to he eommumeanon Ensur-mg that all players unelersrand Lhe rmponanee ui (hell
rule and Lhe rmpunanee ui the lninnmlllun they both provrrle and mczlvc }lelp~ to ensure a
smooth and Effectlvz damage prevenuun pmgmm rurever mnvlng rlaser to that end goal of
ZERO damages
Armcne Rebum
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