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A final mpolt from me one call camml.-aan is almost in . ._ 3 a ‘ , = ,
the PDIHI ui publishing. You can ebnbael Annelle Rebum ‘ . ,3‘, , _ _ ,
at lm'burn@lzI811.£ulu for a copy. The final repnrl wlll ' ‘
addma. membership in a angle one eall, Eniorcvsmenl ‘
pmvl.-mna and lather programs (1: improve damage
pmvenllan m Alabama.
2017 Damage Prevention Summit
Boasts a Record Turnout
n Suptcmbur 25, 2lll7, damage prcvcntlon
~(;1kL‘hO1dL‘Yfi‘[l'Dl'l1 arm» Alabzlmzl enme tlngckhur my
me annual Alabama Damagn Prcvcnllon Sumnut A
DAMAGE 1u5p()RT[N(; mcord emwd of nlkL‘ndcL‘~ and exlnbnm took advanlzlgc at
me many nctwurklng nppammme.-.
The new zolb DIRT Report is now available al www
mmW,(X,.o,,W,,,,,,,C_m,,, Tlm years kL‘ynutL‘ ~pL‘:lkcr was Craig Huufcrlln,
xeple.ennng Spire and me cm board of dm-elm. Mr.
We need your damage dala to better develop ealueammal Hucfcxlln 13 me was prcsldcnl of OpL‘mtlon~' SL‘rvmc~' [or
PY°El““‘l You can enter ll “mg the Alabama Vimlal The Laelede Cmllp, pmvldlng enneal mppan of lielel
DIRT (Damage lnfmmallon Repvrlinlz T°°l)- Vlall WWW 1.»pcmtl1.»n~ lm all ofT1'lL‘ Latlcdc Crmlp lncludlng me Laclcdc
alllll-com and =lirl< rm the Damage Revvrting (DY-RT) ca. cnmpany, Mlssuurl ca» Encxgv, llae Alabama ca.
bmlan. Having damage and near miss infnnmltlun helps Cmpmmn (Ammo) and Mob‘1L;Ca~.
Alabama 811 target eduealmnal and tminlng effurla.
1. is my .., Mg“ up, pm can be Qmmd manually 0, Mr. Huufcrlln man-d wlm me audlenee Sp|rc’~ commllmcnk
uplomd Wm. um ~,a,.,... and made," mm company to damage pmvenlmn m Alabama a. well a. an 1.»vL‘rvmw
dzllabnana. of cam mmamee [or me futum Addltmnally, uung data
, [mm llae D.l.l<.T. nspnlk, hc lmlpcd me zludlcntc .ee me valne
Begmnms m Ianuarln all damagea tlml occur m 1013 ‘hat of eallmg 811 bciorc digging. one 1.»flhctakc—zlwav~ [mm
are reported lo the DIRT ayafiem will uhllze a new ‘mm me pl'L‘~L‘n[aUOn was‘ "wlicn the call l~ made la all damage.-
lzepana iDrZlJl7 damages aubmillcd aft2r]anunry can atlll mm kw‘ than 1% mm mm ,,
use the old rbnn until March
The ~p1.»n~1.»r~ who made Ihh yeay. event pusublc am llstcd
Platinum Sponsors: ACTA, Alabama 811 and PmgIL‘~~'|vc
m..m.e.....a ea..n...,e«-
Gold Sponsurs: ACTS Now and USIC
Silver Sponsors: Cv.»n~ulldzlkL‘d lnraa.-lmenne, Ervm cable
COMMON GROUND ALLIANCE Cnnsmlctlon, Klndu Morgan and PS1:
The new Best Practlms cmde 13 now Bronze Spunsms: Alabama Power, Dam wneb amlabama,
avallable fol downluad ur hard ebpy Lhmugh Encrtcch, Culfsafc, KmTcrm and Ulllty Tmlnlng Acadcmy
"""“"‘°""“’"X’““""“"‘“"‘“°'"' Thank. ln evenmne who allended or cxhlbltcd and we
look forward la ~'L\'lng you at me 2U1é$ Dzlmagc Pmvunllun
Summlt, Scpklsmbcx 25 e 27, 2018. 5

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