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hen 1 started my Positien Had the restaurant manager asked me at me telt that someone was going
as a safety manager and what the restaurant could do to make to receive, at a minimum, a dressing
risk and less manager things right with me and gotten me down tor striking the line lnstead, we
_ many years nan, I made out of the store as happy as l could be determined our specific course of action
a quick stiila fer lunch at a fast feed atter the experience, the time fur a true and each person's responsibilities. we
restaurant I retiirneii to the office and investigation could come atterwards. had the repairs done sately, quickly and
remuved the feed from the has, then Assessing where things went wrong with no lasting adverse media coverage
I neheed that senieone had actually and potentially blaming the culprit statt and no satety issues. what went wrong
taken a bite But of the huraerl had been member, should have occurred out ot and what could have been done to
given Irate, I returned to the restaurant my presence The same is true with our avoid the situation was a topic for later
and requested to slaeak tn the manager businesses. our employees. discussion while certainly not a "win,"
to air my complaint. l-ler reaction was , , . matters could have easily been much
ta immediately and with me awaiting Wm“ “ “““‘Y 1"“ “' ’‘''‘“d‘ “'‘.d. . worse Focusing on resolution was
some sort ot resolution at the counter, damaged when an emlrleyee is inliiiedi dehnitel the answer here.
llt -h ldb bled Y

contront the staff in an apparent a erees s geii e um iuia “to meet ,

ggmp, H, find 0“, who was to blflma safety’ requirements and heal the The redemption that an employee can
while I eventually Dpmd M a mmnd situation. Assessing blame leaves teel about making a situation right and
and um, ,Eg,me,, ,0 gm reflatllanl «he pmblem unresolved. l« does not getting beyond the incident itselt can
again, ‘hg i,3,_,.,,,,, iwneg mg. uuly create an attitude to remain or to be also lead to a more truihtul recounting
im,a,,mg,E_ protessional, it only promotes tear. or the specifics that led to the problem

This lack of resolution is untortunately as well. This helps contribute to a more

Ten many times, yvhen seinething otten a poor retlection on the company appropriate solution in «he tuture. And
sees wrong en a lab (tmrn inlury ta and the individuals involved. And the situation can define a leader in the
Preperiy damage. from a safety dtatiun otten the media is there to record and process.

ta a Produetien Problem on the iahlr memorialize any such issues. .

‘he gm Step ,5 In mm glam whilg I l am not sure thatthere is a moral to be
ulfimatzlyy H mm (am mlym g, several months atter this, our workers derived trom receiving a partially eaten
Sum S0,, 0, mmgggg-g,, is mm, struck a mismarked water line in burger, but in this case, looking beyond
(espetially Wm details an mp and a prominent location All the local the incident and learning was certainly
evidence is tresh). the hrst step should Channels Were Present and Y?<‘°If‘1“‘S he1Phi1- .

not be blame; it should be resolution. 0“! aeti°ns- We haiir Prior tn their

glam adnms we [0 (mm gm arrival, huddled to determine our M; if;.:ai.;iy ,.y.,.»a,.s l:(mi ar:.tii.tyti.cfeaaa~
smmgon and emplnyzes fearing best course of action. lcould sense I Vfixiw u, us, me: am "IX it/m rm-re mi-
conseauences are often distracted trom that many at those einvlnyees looking V‘

their true mission.

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