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as. yearl wmtc an arllele Mlmmum mnway lenglh .s longer Jusl berause some Lhlng~' (t.1knoff~ for

about airplanes ana p.pelines for we. n.nways beeause .. haraer examplc) happen onen aoes NOT mean

Like au.omob.les, lrurks ana Io ~tnp an a.rplane on a we. runway lhey be laken fox granlea. Yes

lra.ns, a.rplanes ana p.pel.nes Mlmmum runway lenglh .s also longer 99.99".» of all lakeoics are more or less
are essenhal lo soe.ely as we know for reaueerl power .aker.ns beeause .. normal 7 iusl lhe oyerwhelmmg
it .n lhe unuerl States All aemana lakes longer to rearh flylng speea .r mayrmly of errayanuns when a one eall
respee. Th.s moznlng, lwas reaaing an less power .s usea. The co-pilot was lirkel has been eallerl .n, unaergrnuna
arurle aboul avlatlon rleeis.on making splnnng hairs belween "damp" anrl ulllm-:~ have been properly markea,
wnllen by a reurea pilot w.ll. "wet." H.s nhans only apphea Io anrl gona ereayallnn praehees appliea
over zsmu houn in lhe a.r. H.s name "wet" mnways Sduff s.mply askea nu. .r harl happens, .here
.s Barry Sduff ana he has aulhorea .he quesnon; "What would you ~ay mos. l.kely w.ll be an ana
ovez 1,300 ay.a..nn arneles (ln ease poss.hly
f“ “" ‘“““°"““’ ”‘“"“ “"°“‘ ""097 Do you wan. lo he lhe one Lha| has lo as a p.lo. anrl my fruhez haa h.s ,, ,,
, y , » e A cxplmn lhe dlffemncn helween aamp s heense when l was very young. I  I, . I, and “WSW
one of my rlaa's favontz saymgs was, '3 I i’? *
"Thmk herore you ao soml:Lh|ng."' lam - * By lhe way, l have a pnrfecl rerorrl as
almusl pusuive lha. he was not 5 £1 a pllnl Every lime lhave laken off,
abou. p.pel.nes or mrplanesbul l am V. m a :53 lhaye lanrleall AND [havc walkea lhal .. was, ana .s, exeellenl V ’ 5 " V away AND lhe a.rplane wr1~ no. ll apphes lo yusl abou. every , aamagea. Even lhough l have lanrlea
human aelwuy anrl really hm home ,7? V G I H lhnusanas of nines, l assure you that l
with respm lo Ihl: rlee.s.on , ‘ "‘ pay luls of allentlon Io lanamg safely.
makmg Schlff aesenhea.) Anyway .n .
 HOW gafe 5'32:2:3:;::::.>':’:.:‘:s;‘::r"::,:;i"
co— up. were .n lo lake off .n a BIG r ‘ »
alrlfncz. ln lhe "old aays" blg a.rl.ners w   fr‘) b°“”“- “E SAFE 0'" THERE" I
alway~'iulltntakcoff. [333 35a 53
Tha. was lhen Now, reaueerl power -" 1 Iol... rama from PHMSA ma .5 rurmllly
ean, unrler eer.a.n e.reu.ns.anees, he Pr.-sldmll o/l>.,ael....» S_l/slcm Cam;lh—
userl to save ruel, reauee ana ~avc aare rmd Dperrlllmla snmeas far c2 Plzrl—
wear anrl lear on erpenswe ye. eng.nes ans, LLC. lirlnzll /al... [l1cnbl(r0g2—ls.mlu
There are extremely rle.a.lea eharls at the lmaung?" Whathcaring? The
lhal arlaress lhe proper euna.l.ons for Nanonal Tmnsporlatlon Saicty Board
lake on. in aizlinexs. l-ower selhngs, heanng lha. w.ll oeeur if
conlml semng, lakeafl weight, wind happens and we rlamage the airplane HERE
speea, a.reel.on, gusls, runway or snmelioay gees hurl 
mama r.en,...u.,ao.a,., s manna
A e.-.l.eal safety eons.aera..on for you enula slop yusl as quickly on a {:3 = 1 9 5 A 3 1 s 5 2
takeoff .s whelher lhere .s enough aamp runway as on a ary runway?" 3. 3 , ‘ 6 A 2 3 9 5 3 1
runway lefl lo abort the takeoff .r where .s the b£twccn”dr1mp" ana 3 2 goes wrong. If not, an "wet" or between ”dr1mp” ana ”dr_v”? g 9 HHIIH
a.rl.u.:r cannot lake off. wha. might go Hunk WE made mv Palm HOW We 3 9 _i 2 it A L
‘”“"‘g ““d “’}T"‘,‘ “I” ‘““‘°’” ‘"‘° “"3 .s sais? The ~hurl answer — 6 1 7 9 3 2
f,‘T““"_°“ih5‘}““ f °f"'?"_°,‘.;"“’ ‘“'f”"”“ .r happens 7 .s NOT sue flflflfl
eeause e runvl ay was amp. ENOUGH”
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