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Locating Lines from a Horizontal Perspective
‘ve been locating lines for 25 years wheni heid my signai receiver corrertiy,
or so and have had my fair share so the bottom ot the receiver was on a J, ,
oi iessons ieomed mm the sdiooi horizontal one, the uldance 5 stem of 1 -7  - 1;-
oi hard knocks» With little training the recelvefled me HE the hiii myths triie . _— Jig-1: .'_; , ,

to fall back on when l was turned horizontal eenteriine ml the sigriai field. .{7?‘.~r ,' _' ' 
ioose with a tist tiiii ot ioeates itoiind met, nomad H ehau,,w,, dapth madmg 7  1|’? ._ _ ._
inyselt forced into a "team as you tram the bad angie when oompared to ' ”“ ‘ ’ ’
go" env-mnmem wit-is being handed the honzonkal ceriteriiae.

more work than icooid do. i iearned , _

very qiiickiy that the marki piit on the lt is an assumed fact according to -

ground was an admawd guess and , had science, that the honzonlal eenteriine at

a lot to ieam i took every chance icoiiid a detectable signal held in theory also

to read up on the siioiect and read every afiioresznts the hgnzontal ce;lter'line of

ioeator instriierion maniiai i cooid et e ‘in eigroiin Pipe or ca e eing y—v-—\‘~.~r1\*=":::%.. ,
my hands on. i took every iine oiaifage marked 'l'his is why according to the :5:.‘.'L'-‘_“'e:"5"’-~53”-gt’; ' '
or close can to heart arid made sure I maioiity of state laws, the "tolamrice i‘ #5 ,r—

cieariy understood where iwent wrong zone" is the ioliis or inimis degree of ;_/ti  

arid iised it as a chance to grow. accuracy of a locating mark which is .i;'/,1ig‘s¢

nieasiired aiong a hunzunlal piane trom  ya 

Aioiind year niimlaer three or my careert the temporary mark on the siirtace. . ' t‘

I was Involved in a damage to a su pair | I

teiephone cabie iaiiried deep into the One of the many Points l try to inal<e 4

map slope of a pulp Acmdmg ,0 the daring iine iocator training ciasses is I i r, .

tape measure, my mark was oiitside the thatlhne locating }:‘l7l“‘El“lE“l dtaeslaiot i
toieranee zone The tape was stretdied oca e Pipes or ca es ii is ac ia y

aiong a horizontai piane to measure the designed to locate and Pinpoint the V 7 i, W a, , r , a W
distance trom my rnarking tiag to the toio dead center of a signal held lt t {.‘a-.t.».-..‘tI,4.’qr',.I,,ziii;t.a1'ic_—.Fvi.r.crt
haaaama, mp, daad CEmE,,_aa of ma is criieiai that a iocator has the self— r 3‘ _i¢“

damaged Eagle‘ The bottom 1,“ was diseipiirie to hoid the bottom or the :-

that this damage oeciirred as a resiiit receiver horizontal when Pinigointing ‘

or my operator error whiie iising my and Placing the mark or flag lhis is not _

signai receiver whiie searching [or always Parallel with the lay of the land "

and Pmpmmmg ma cam,,,na of my Don tangie or swing the receiver when

detectabie signai tieid, iwas hoidirig locating As inentionedi during this

my receiver at a «in degree angie instead locatei l made the mistake of holding

or a horizontai angie whiie moving my receiver at ahoiit a 40 degree angle

a along ma shape’ when ma Wm, which was the angie ot the hiii i was

receiver giiided me to the centeriine ot standing on» lhis angle produced a false _ a H W _a , _ mm
the signai, the receiver itselfwas iooking eentethne at the signal wave because i._;=f_—.ft_¢‘.;’,r_at£ii,i>i:ta ‘ 'I:II_[llII
at the signai [mm a ioad 40 degree angie l Was not locating from a horizontal "as Ti: ‘:1; = "
Pmpecnva, pereeption. Lesson iearned. . i I’ I

After the repair, i had a chanee to hook .4

up to the cabie to try and reenact the Bub Nighsiaotiget is tho president and .. '

iine iocate whiie the caoie was stiii CEO ,,f u,,,,v,y -p,,,1,,,,,X ,a(W,,,y gag

exposed in the oven repair Pit» l noticed has 0:19:25 yc'm'5 !JfErp?i'1('m‘Z iv: Hizfield

that my inailc was "on the money/' ii/ittiiity Iarflflrlg iitid damage rrrireittioii

hoth visually and electronically when Far aiiestiaits iii carriirieitts, Bub rim or

i iooked at it [mm the perspective of ,.,_,a(,M a, gum,‘ 2aS(y,'rl1h‘mm‘

the 40 degree arigie or siope of the hiii.

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