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Whg We Should White Line
loeate neriuest and they give incurred np. And rnany ollwer ertuses why there
iii i intorrnation. They may he trying to do were no marks on the gi-oiind. when
to‘ we many things at Ihe same time they 1 iiuestioned their siipei-visoi- on the
" ~ inight he intei-riipted hy a coworker phone‘ his explanation was that he had
a - needing information or any mher not had good dealings with the localnrs
nninhen oi dist.-aetions that rnight eanse in tha iihati thay aiahiit ihaiit tha iight
,- E a faulty desei-iption oi the work aone. area, they didn't show up on tiine, they
I 3"‘ if they do spend Ihe time I0 “while didnt mark in the correct location.
i M  line", then even itthey make a rnistalte Daaiiita his phat aitiiaaiahaaa with tha
_ _ ‘I’: with the vei-hal or written dese_i-iption loralorsi it was still the law (oi thein
ii Wmmms otthe work area, the loeator will know ta. mgita tha [all hahiaa thay §[a“[Ed
Dim” mp, eimsufeiy that the aeea shoiild havevwlnte paint. digging. Had they hit the gas inaint it
Ammii Miifsemce mmism nit doesn t, the localor will know he would possihly have heen a neal ti-agedy.
needs to eontaet sonieone ahont the Aha tha hhima wahhi ha‘/E haah Dh
eoi-reet location. This will hel to their sn eryisor since he did not see the
‘Tin good enough at giving direetions_ cunail ineori-eet loeates and logt tirne to head it, {all to, hm hm iwii _.Eiimi_
that i shoiildnt have to put down white call the loeator back out to the job site. Na. mgha, how yah taai ghaitit iiaiat
Paint inst so the leeatnr knows What . ., expeyientes with line loeatoi-s, it is still
i Wm dong, eiirs mi, much mmhigrr its too rniieh tronhle. what ahont all ‘iii iaw in “ii imim YD“ dig’
..TiiEy mm going in do wiiiii i ask the tiiouhle eaused hy not putting down
miiwayi. eips going in mi mg mm paint.’ Localors have a workload and a iiaw miiah tima aha th,i.i,ia ia it ta.
“mg Sim i will hm in mm mum set iinrnhen ol hours to work eaeh day. inalre one additional trip to the work
trip just to put down the white paint." 1"“ ""9 "‘° '“‘.°‘ "5" Th“ “’°“.‘]d 1“ Site"-’ Who kn°W5'-’ You might even see
mt-eh more efi‘-uent and pmduetwe sornething you havent notieed before:
How many tiines have we heard these it they leiiew exaetly where they were a Pipgling thaiitai aahatihg ii taitaih
excuses.’ And that is eraetly what they supposed to he lotaling. without the iitiiityi val‘/E imiaag Pgintad tha mic“.
are—exeiises, not good reasons ton not --white lining" thei-e Eollld he soine at tha hiiiiiyi iwhgnging _,va_.i,mi
wanting to have “while lining’: as part of giiesswonle as to the exacl loeation they hhaa that rnig1q[Pyg§gn(Prohlg]n§i3
the Alaharna Darnage Prevention Law. are supposed to he working in, tosting flaw tramp “M ii“, Wm, dim ‘he
Lets look at these to see why we need more tirne and possihle doiiht ahont that tiiha ynu aiaitaah This aha a,t.,_.i
to address “while lining" as part or the the ioeation to he marked. it is not that visit might aha hi, saving ya“ tiiha
law. inneh enoii and tirne in the heginning aha thh.i,ia_ trot. might gat _.i i,at.a,
Fiiii mi immimi t/while iiiiing, gives to put diownisorne piairiit to rnaiiiiile the d "[ee1' for the ai-ea and i-ealiae that
a definite  or tire polential work ;*=eVe€t°';i?*‘°i~. *."* ,5 le fin“ e We there  undergro-ed and overhead
zone. There is no guess woi-le involved. >’.“‘’‘ W '‘° ‘"‘'.‘‘‘3' T ° ‘.‘’“‘”“°' 'n"eStt‘“et-{es you never_ reahzedim the
Em i i iiiz mmiiii miiii add mm inight lose more tnne hy having to past. You inight he woidring a proieet
to the aaeeted area, that ensni-es the ‘1‘;.‘°‘‘‘,‘°' 53“? °“i:’ “"".""”“ Where the -ndmdnels wild des-gned -t
localor will he ahle to propeely identity ‘ '5 ''‘~’‘‘‘°“5i ‘*5 ‘"‘ ‘E P'f"?“‘ did ncg|_d_e 31h°"°“EhJ°h|¥ assess-ng
iiii mimi imii mm and iiim Wiii iii paraigi-aph, ivt/21:2 inoitiieoireet. (calmlldnl the iitihties ali-eady loeated in the area.
no auestion as to where the   " "r"e.te¥ e ‘e e °* W enetei --whha thin in t. it t, t t
, it he didnt give the eoi-reet loeation in _ 1; Vs on e a par o every
'5 1° “kg PIN’ his request? with “white lining’ this excavation Preleet» And “yen dent
And haven'I we all rnade rnistalres would not he the ease. have white pa-nt handy» put down what
when giving diieetions? My wire still you heVe(ye1i1nWt hh|e_» red» hlaek) and
imings up the um i mid her in mm 1 ireeently earne upon two yonng rnen ineliide that intorrnation in your loeate
ieii wiim Sim iiiiiiiiii hm iiimii with aitnattoiiinonnted Tuger. They i-eeiuest so the ]oca(ori\iv|]1iknt?\~i Ioilook
i-ight. she got lost and i got the hlanie. ‘V.""‘ "33‘.“5 °' ‘"3" P‘’ ‘.5 “P 3 “'9 fer “- We need to get wh-te hn-ng
wiiicii i simiiiii iim igm ii“ imiiii highiway nghtiotway. ‘ddldri;‘Sl:E anyh ineliided in the Alabama Darnage
directions. i was busy Irying to give ineri ‘nee en t is em" «ijnii W} e Prevent-oi Law to help an or -is work
her direetions CIVET the phone while "3 "‘.“"‘“Pi§ “V ._f ; if ii'."‘;i“’“" -no-‘e ethuently more pmdttettvely
Wing iii iiiiii Sammie ii“ iii “F iii igas inaiiiii on S at si is o E: ii iii guy. and rnost or all, inoi-e_ sately. i helieve
3 hasgball iagm am,ia,_,,it_ Tim agii h5Ԥ>iJPe ii;-tnnritneshucirine it em a_ out this will help to elirninate sorne otthe
also happen if someone calls in a line Lnei:/‘  imfzii :0 P"‘u°; i°i'i:‘:o;:s‘1“““ damages W9 have eafh yur» -
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