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by lorm lacool
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ne of my lavorile hoolrs is The seven l-lahils and churches are closed. March Madness has been
nf Highly lalleclive People hy slephen R. cancelled as have all pmfessional sporling evenls. They
covey Hind il hard lo helieve lhal il has even cancelled lhe l-louslon Rndenll slores cannol lreep
been more lhan 30 years since il was firsl supplies [lcuilel paper and hand sanilizer lo name just

puhlished. My locus loday is Habit a — “Begin wilh lhe Iwo) on lhe shelves. Nonessenlial employees have heen
end in mind." Habit 2 is based on lhe principle lhal lold lo slay home. The DOW has dropped from 19,000
all lhings are crealed al leasl lwice. First lhere musl lo 72,000. Lols of had lhings have happened. Everyone
he a concepl or idea. once lhe concepl is eslahlished, has lheir own spin on lhe nalure nf lhe coronavirus and
lhe second slep is lo malre lhe concepl a realily. More how lo prolecl lhemselves and lheir loved ones.
concisely, piclr lhe righl lhing lo do, lhen do il RIGHT. How [an A Fandemk be whim lined? Them an MS
while lining is a comhinalion of both lhe conceplion of maps available, hul lhe realily appears lo he lhal,

ol a proiecl (pulling somelhing in lhe ground) and al leasl for lhe momenl, lhe spread or lhe disease is

lhe safest possihle way nf gelling whalever il is in lhe more or less under conlrol. Here is where lhe while
ground. How is while lining parl of lhe conceplion of line comes in — how soon can we gel back lo “normal?
a projerl? If you wanl lo gel lechnical, while lining who gels lo draw lhe while line? i.e.. who gels lo

is pmbahly nol parl nf lhe hasic purpose of a prnjecl decide when lhe pandemic is over? ll appeals lo me
(e.g.. lhe purpose ol an underground ulilily is lo move lhal lhe nalional press is "all in” wilh lhe concepl nf

a quantily of somelhing fmm poinl A lo poinl B). The never lelling a good crisis go lo wasle. The hesl advice
quantity lo he moved and lhe roule between Point A l have heard is lo nol panic. sooner or laler we WILL
and Point B are crilical laclors in eslimaling lhe cosl of gel lhrough lhis and we WILL recover. ll would he nioe
lhe projecl and how long il mighl lalre lo implemenl lhe if we. as a nalion. could all pull in lhe same direclion
projecl. Thal is where while lining comes in. while lo gel lhrough lhis. Il‘lnn'I necessarily agree wilh

lining requires lhe developer lo aclually loolr al lhe everylhing lhal is going on. hul l worlr hard al lrying lo
sile — nol just maps or aerial pholos. By while lining a he parl of lhe solulion and NOT parl of lhe pmblem.
".““”'. ‘h‘’ ‘“‘’'’'°’’‘" °' ‘f’"‘““°' 9"‘ 3 g°°d 1°?“ ‘*3 ‘h’’ 1 hope lhal hy lhe lime lhese lhoughls reach you, a
silualion and makes lhe Jul) ol lhe line localors lnnmlely . h 1 1. h b d 1 d d
easier. ll conllicls are discovered, changes lo lhe roule “"°"“" °' 5°“ °‘ E’ 5“ “ '°“ 3‘ “E” ‘M “P” 3"
and/or lhe end localions are possible wilhoul incurring ‘h“‘ “°"° °‘ W“ “M ‘““’"°" “Y '“°" ‘*“‘“ “"°'“‘“‘Y
lhe cosl of lasl minule re—n)utes or, even worse, lhe cosl “°°“‘"Y’ .

ol shulling down a jab while damage lo exisling ulililies

is repaired. The lilrelihood ol an injury or a dealh is I

minimized when while lining is used. /ohn lamb: mm-W1/mm PHMSK

Far qllzsfiuns armlummfs, email‘
As l wrile lhis (the ldes of March), lhe coronavirus /-/-,,,c,,,,@r,,,C(g,,,,,,,,‘,,E,
has hammered lravel and mass galherings. schools
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