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B etter Servlce Through Technology
\ Other new technology as bclng applaeel of til-e~e »y~‘te-n~' must be v-stlant In
 ‘ Whm, ‘am Dpmm dm not Mn theaa use of the eqaaapanent. Theae have
E _ neenl the vehltln Rccnlvem are bung been sevetnl ln~tnnee~ ever the years
it anstalleel nn llght pnles and nthea hlgh 10 Pl°‘;“"-‘ll? geadlln‘eh~' hm: thnnlshd
T ob eets an the aaea. Mnlcr taansnaatteas sewer e em ~' nn 0 er en ergnnm
. _ send a ugnal tnahese mcclvexs whach feetllmes» Segerellexlilogllonl Inléollvtng
l aae dlrccll cnnneeten tn the 0 l:ra(or'~' gm Ines Ina vet en y amage y
'l an ., 6 bllllng ~'ys{L‘ms for gencratlng Il:lll.~.. sewer eleenlns C°'“Pt““¢* have been
a ~ ‘ ~ - I / aeenmlea sn as wath any type of
, , _ 3. ~ The downamle to tlm teehnology ta Icthnulugy, wheahea old or new, cautlon
the lnss nl anlas for the naetea rcadcnt mm be Nd m as app;.m..,..,
igfjme Wm whn used to walk the tnaales and ‘ d 1 d I Lh
AlxbamswbllcservlzeCnmmlsslan mnnunllv tend the “let” They elm " ‘“ ““‘fi"‘ 5:; '“ “‘ ’.’’h ‘” ‘“
Wma good mm ,m,o,,,y,,,g me seveaal nt ea te ncalngaest at ate
npeaatna of passable leaks an |hv: aaea, emerging» Tethnnlngy allowlng the
bath nn the aneteas and on ~L‘rvl:cs and uaehnt ln~er> ta eleteet }r1-tlethihe \'l:lP°t~
anaaaas that the a would he walkan nvea In t e eln-ow ere wtt tnn > te
nane of In don't lake change wluan m,,d.,C.,),,g mm mm, ,m§,,,g elevaees, vnhltln-mounted elevaees
change asncat good. lt nnly ]ub~ They ccnalel also (on the gas and en nenel-mounted <le\'lee~ M
leads tn panhleans, fruslratlon, mac 0, M ,..,.,C, “mm, M company becumlng nanae popular These elevaees
and pnssalaly angnr ls thas your ofot1\crl~suC.s, sneh as aaannsphenc enn reshter extremely small amount»

attltude? oa do ynn saalasenlae tn the ennnsacaaa, "staaaght tlc»ln~" wheae a at methane that rmtzhtnotbe found
ahecaay that ”Changl: as coon"? we c.,,m,,,c, m,ga,, bypm, tam mama gt‘ wllh cunvcmlonal, oleleaeqnapanent.
ean gel sn nnaeh annae don: an less taane "fmrs" gas, as well as bushes and trees They ate snlnlnsht Populnnty as the
and wath icwcr pnrwnnnl. Theae aae gxowmg amund the naetea lotallons terhnolngy -~ refined-

etgurnenta tnrboth way~ nithmkmg. that conlel paesent pmblnms latea. But Dmm mmkmg om And no, ‘N
Levs look at a cuupll: of dlifcmnt new all of thas comes hnan an old "meter ,0 Mm apomng mm,‘ D,,,,,Q,. am
aechnnlngaes that have been lmmducnd maamg ,.,pm,,..o,~ W1“, had Mara; mmmngly bung Nd ‘D Wm, fight.‘
In the lee‘ ‘CW decade» years wnrlnng wtth a latent group of of-way to eleteet gm leaks, vanelalasan
Aummmd mm, mdmg (AMR) meter reneleh» on iaclllllcs, pnwea lane panlalenas,
~>'~te!ns Seine pwple really like thI~ Hunzontal Dlmctlonal Dnlllng (HDD) W‘‘‘l‘'°“‘‘ “ ‘““d‘”’“Y° “M1 "‘‘‘“l’
new technology laeeanse at saanplanes has am, Mound ,9, mm a wank oLhcr aases wheae ennventaonal anethoals
the meter madlng pnaeess and cat. back now. Thas "new" technology anakes mtg}-t nut be at etfeetwe Dnvnes enn
on the taane aeqnaaeel [0 mad the old ,. Pu,.,bk [0 mm“ ,m,,m,, “mac, be pzugmmmcd tn fly random 0! pm-
"mctu mules” from an enllrc month to madway~ and othnr snaraces wath a set P"“°“"5 >0 l1‘9)’W“ eover large
aaast a fcw day~ Theae aae seveaal ways ananannana of dlsturbancc. Mnst of eren~ nnthout havlns to be brought
thas technnlngy has been lncorpuratnd. you, “mun, ,,,,my ,,,,,Mmum am laaek to the landmg zonn tn ae-sea the
The fintl was to have a vehaele wllh now m~t.1lled u~lng Lhls pmceelnae. senreh nren» Many dlfferent ntthtles

a aeeeavea lnstallzd that packs up the Machanes nseel an thas pmeess have are utlhzms these tools and the result‘
sagnals lanna the tmn~mmr:r~ that aae m,,,ama am the yam and am of then we and prnrttenllty ~eem 10 be
attached tn the anetea at the bulldlng. conllnually aanpanaaeel and peareeaeel gmnnng each year

The tnaek aaast ndL‘~ by and the rczldlng .9 mm mm mm ag,c,¢m, M,1n)v YES, mm m, mm 0, N am,

as uansmllmd tn the mcnlvcx and the am. mm .},.,.,,;},t .0 be mane,-.-atsae gamma" who do W N“, [on km“),
anetea mndlng anrnnnatann l~ then by lmnchlng and nthet aneans aae ,0 camp and “FEM”, lcc1,no,ogM
d°W"l°Wl°d ‘D the blllmfi >3/°l°‘“> new open for eleveloptnem A~ Wtlh lant l| elnes seena tn be the wave of the
The level nl aasage as then appllcd to all dnveluplng aechnnlngaes, theae aae ,,mm W mmm a’ M“ (“N Off 0“,
the appmpnatl: aate schealaale and the alaawlaaeks tn HDD. The opeaatnas old Sm WW1. and N mm, to bong“,
eaastnanea mculvcs the blll Wm‘ M "mu - '

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