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from the desk of
) ne thing that 1 have nodeed in my many
_ ‘ Oyears in the B11 lndustry is that change and
‘D ( ; / lelzhnolngy go hand In hand As the needs of
e ‘: , / our members and the zxcavatlng (ommunlty ohange,
W ‘ l teehnolugy plays a mayor rule m addressing these needs.
.v ln the 311 mdustry we onen find ourselves very closely
Iled to extsttng as well as new and nmexging teehnolagy.
over the last eouple of years, there have been numerous
technology enhancements |n our mdustry. Alabama 311
has implemented a new eloud based telephone switch that
allows for rmpruyed features to rontmg and handlmg of
Q ,3 _ mbaund ealls. ln addttron, tt allows for an mtereanneetivtty
‘ between our loeate request proeesstng sanware and
W the phone swrteh wftwzlm to reed data between the two
-‘AA systems. Our lueate request suttware has been enhanred
wlth all elaud based servers to provrde a stronger busmes.
eontmutty program to ensure our servers are ayarlable
for proeessmg loeate requests. we have expanded our
euuerage fur yaree ealls to 24/7 by usmg teehnolagy tu ruute
ealls to a neaghbunng 811 system to proees. requests and they actually ulllizc same
of our own agents to proeess the after-hour calls by therr betng alluwed to log mto
an alternate telephune sneteh to have call~ ruuted ta the home cumpuhzrs Database
enhaneements have been made by utilzung new teehnulogy and sortware ta
downluad, preeess and upluad the data m a mare ertaetent manner.
These are ,ust a few of the area. where the teehnalogteal ohanges are rmpaehng 811
uperahuns. Lock for teanrre arueles In tlus edillon or the Alabama 811 Magazme ta
see ether way~ that teehnolagy rs bemg used ta rmprave 811 sermees to aur members,
the excavatlng eommumty and the general publte.
Annette lzezram
LYL'LrA)1L'L' Duruvr
/\Itthttllm E11
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