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show a total lnz utility lines detected stalreholders, utility locator companies, lines, shielded filier-optic caliles, utility
and confirmed ahead of construction environment and civil engineering duct banks, contamination or leakage
of these 102 lines detected, 55% were firms, manufactures of HDD machines, plumes and natural or man.made
undocumented in the construction as well as certificated construction voids.

cDmpany's library of as-liuilt maps. The inspectors. U!“ _t I 1 h _ 1
deepestdetection was an B—ft concrete ‘ °"‘‘’’’ “°“‘'“‘ ‘.°““ 59°F,/“°‘

. As a member of the CGA Technology scanning tools, AMG is able to see
sewer line at nearly 60-fl depth. The . ,,
and Best Practices committees for the through near-surface clutter such
use of AMG has continued through a
. _ . . . past 3-years, stolar has met with CGA as reliar, thin water layers and moist
series of additional cnnrracturs-at-nsk . .
_. . stalceholders focused on gathering landscaping as well as liuilt-up surface

and expansion pmyects throughout the . . . .

LAWACDMPM infonnation that could be applied in layers such as concrete, asphalt, gravel,

optimizing AMG tool design to best grass or multiple layering.

The results of the LAwA evaluation serve the underground utility locating Cmmng an Mwmd SHE Twum
pm]2cl were an evolutionary step marlret.

in locator technology, and AMG . AMG is combined with differential
was awarded the 2017 GRAND ‘MG T°°“"“l“33’ “d P'“‘“‘“ crs to provide centimeter-accuracy
CHALLENGE trophy by the America it is important to understand that for location along the surface. AMG’s
society of civil Engineers (ASCE). detection-depth capability of AMG is unique gradiometric detection allows
Following the award, the tool was only limited by the practical separation prediction of depth for most linear
manufactured in small batches, with of its widely spaced electrostatic. utilities (1 n.5ft accuracy). Unllkz

a focus on continued evolutionary shielded magnetic dipole antennas, reflection CPR technology, AMG depth
development and pnrlicipatlng in and not geology. oeep-looking AMG measurements are independent of soil
sciencebased demons-trational projects configurations will have multiple electrical characteristics, and AM-

for contractors-at-risk. Projects have antennas, with at least one pair at hand attenuation rates are typically
including AMG scanning at the wide.spacing This is zzqulred when less than 1 dB/rn, depth.of-detection
Houston lnternational Airport, Phoenix deeper utilities, foundations, harsts or exceeding 20 meters in most soil-types
Sky Harbor Airport, san Francisco tunneling activity may be of interest and is not affected by the presence of
Airport, seattle searac Airport, the Fess , , a water table, unlike my .ech.,o1.,gy,
Parker Resort (CA). and several major “‘"’“E*‘ P°“‘“““E 3"“ “"°“"‘“°“' AMG detects all utilities, at any depth,
municipal utility grids and waste-water AMG _h‘:EhP’,°"““ ‘° ‘"3 ?“‘“'“‘_“h“'‘“‘ and eliminates the Crass-(wupled false
treatment plants. “‘“P‘‘“ ‘"3" AVG *’““’‘Y‘ “"9 detection issue of RD. Inpractical use,

prevented construction-related damage AMG has made mnfimamm Db
AMG was also evaluated over the to asels and infrastructure. ln general, P
_ _ . holing more effective and less costly.
course of several years by international AMG has been proven to detect the AMG . be __ d f
engineering finns in the Eastern following buried utility types; electrical we ‘“.“5‘i‘'V ““ _, P’“°“*’° ‘"
. _ , gration into design and engineering

us and the united Kingdom. nus conductors (any type), metal pipes 1 _ d we h 1 b .
"prz-introduction phase" of the regardless of contents non-metallic P “‘."' a“ ‘“ “‘? °5Y “"5”

. . . ' , rapid and comprehensive 3-D CIS
developing AMG product-line included conduits, naniral gas or fuel lines, mapping to SUE and to is Pmietb
worlring with construction industry polymer pipes, brick or concrete sewer WW5 and Commm_at_ޤk_ .

Background: AM Broadcast Tower Waveguide Transmlsslon
Vertical Electric Fleld (EV) & Ground-Penetratlng E" and H” Flelds
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