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from the desk of
) D nmnge Prevenhan is more tl1nn]uslan lndusrry
reference. It can he lhe resnll vi a frame of
~, " f / mind, a mode of upemtiun, er a managzmnnl
, 3 f / philosophy, to hr.-l name a few To help znaure lhal
Q % ‘ the mnasagc of damage prevenhon is pmvalent m all
,, aapncts ofexcavallon actlvlry, n i~ nnperauve that safety»
minded lcaelenlnp r.- ln place. Mo.-l cornpanre. have
a defined .alely program to ~'Ima~' safety and to prelecl
Ihclz Employees, Ihuz operauuna and Ihclx buunssa. Thls
r. vltnl ln tlm excavating community where unfortunately
rncralenl. do occur that can have catrwlmphlc oulcnmza.
Q i ln chi. edillon of Lhe Alabama 811 Magazine, Lhe fucua wlll
v * ’ he onl2adcr~11lp.Le2|d2r~l\lp may be Lhe ~af2ty me.-sage
‘ hanelecl dawn fxum Lhe company executives It may he lhe

W planmng elene helare work begms Io ennrre all aapctla of

the lab have been considered and what polentlal ubslaclcs

may Impact Lhal work. It may be lakrng the llmc to focus on
weekly 0: daily .-arery momenta to ensure everyone ke2p~
Lhelr psrspecllvza In check. Whatever funn of leadzmhlp may
be m place to help keep damagc pmvcnllun rn the forefront of all nxcavatlon aelmlre.
r. lmpurlant. Hopehrlly these arnele. wlll pmvldz some fresh ldeas and pregrarn.
that may just move you and your company to the top of Lhe Damage l-revenuon
Lcadezshlp learnl
Al1tl(;‘;‘(' Rclmm
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2019 Issue] ahaama an . 1

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