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 hat Can Hurt MC I 0dayP
Ev Kama Malina
§:::5§s75eV'i:s""" Mmg" very day heiore our work a way to verity Mitigating a hazard
Muesli begins, we should go through like eviclence of an uninarked tacility
some type of process to could be calling back in tor locator or
evaluate the work tor the stopping work it they encounter an
day as well as the associated liazarrls. underground line Making a second
This process can inclucle a seli-clieck call is iinportant.
as well as a work area inspection and ,, . . . ,,
mpecfiun 0‘ ‘D013 0, Equipmsm Depths afuttlthes can be assumed.
During this process a main oliiective wrong. Locator depths are
V " V should he identitying hazards so that approxiinate. Depths ot utilities cannot
Jr , you can take steps to eliminate or he assuined utilities inustlie exposed
initigate the hazards tound one usetul to determine depth. A predictahle
question to ask yourselt before a work hazard is a niislocate or tailure to
task begins is, '-what can hurt ine? locate The only way to assess that is
. ‘I . , to cleterinine the precise location by
». sure, it may seein dark and negative dz 1‘ Mn down ‘D and “mm M
— , * to ask yourselt this iight as your ‘YE 5 5
. workday begins or when starting P P
vi ’ a new work task but it can inake ‘This Mzzmage arinfury]t:11n’t liapprn
- a diiterence in recognizing the ta me."
.. I -I54 - hazard’ gm‘ mum '"‘“,'E. W“ °f wrong The Common Ground Alliance
- someone else that day. A~k|ng this . .
.3 question should trigger you to stop and (C65) ’‘‘’°'” ‘1‘‘‘‘ “ 1”“ "‘ 1'“ “'2'”
 . i really look around your work area and ‘“ "‘‘““‘“‘ 5”?“ ”“‘.“" "'9 '“°“¥' .
. K b consider what dangers you are dealing ‘°"‘.P““ ‘}“ P’°’“‘ “"”‘ “*‘“"“ ‘““”Y
_:\ mm nor incident. However, many have
taced severe iniury, expensive repair
_ Take tor instance a planned excavation, costs, outages and tragically soine
V  ‘ you shoulrl ask yourselt: literally do not live to see another day
.»_ ' - ls theie an active one call? lolentitying hazards and iollowlng
. . Didlwalltwnwurklngdays? g;°;f,j‘j;2';D';f‘fl:;3;§f2;";;j;g;;,y
- Did every utility respond, is it really addressed and completed. Take the
E I ' sate to dig? tiine and energy to properly mitigate
‘ 2 - Doiknowwhnrsunderam-=nd7 i§‘yTt‘f§s?iT'.¥eIYl1‘lr’v°v'§if’§oar
_ - ldentitying uncontrolled hazards coworkers
- - includes calling 811 tor a one call ticket While H mm“ mimm 1“ d attitude
,4 befure excavation. Your llfe and the an im (mm for ’_m’m‘m ‘hi
' ‘"95 °‘ °“‘“5 ‘‘*P°"‘‘ “ “- workpliacc asking yourselt critical
Lets dispel a tew negative perceptions questions such as ”Vl/hat can hun ine
‘ regarding damage prevention today?” can trigger you take the extra
I ., . . . time to really evaluate a task Every
My rrsxwns-bxhfyf-vr damage crew needs to have tail ate ineetin
ri ii Ii 1 11 an 1 E 5
mm" _-In In 5 W e" €11 _ -if while onsite hetore staning the job
Something ’-"Wen: 311 15 ’M“P- Take ownership of hazards in your
/ wrong. 811 does not locate lines. They work area and see to it that they set
coordinate with utilities and their fixed After all, you never know what
locating to have the area located. safeguard or men may make ‘he
rliiterence in preventing an injury or
"Na marlrs : no utilities" dad,‘
Wmng- if the: are "0 mark ‘his For more intorrnation on darnage
wuld mean It a» not been located prevention and the one call process,
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