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coverage dropped. The worst Ihmg 11.a1 when 1he new guy look over and 1.ane1ou1. yuu can .eque.1 and .1a.1
ean happen .5 1o have your .n.u.anee dcnded 11.a1.he .-a1e1y m2cl|ng~ wen: your uwn

eaneeueo or non..enewea1. Nubudv nu1 wan}. 1he1.n.e e1... 1o..-e.- began,

— 11 you have had e1a.m. and vouz
wan1.- you when 11... happen. 1hen he hnea new peop1e. wha1 kmd —
M lmmmg dd he gm ‘hm guy‘, .a1e.- have gone up, the company wants
Am 1 making mv pu.n1he.e= 1.. know 1ha1 you an: lrymg 1n 1mpmvr:
— D1d they eye. a.1ena1 a .a:e1v menhng?
Obvluihlv, 11.e u1e1 guy wnh h.. — RI:quL‘~t1ng .-are1y y.oeo.- and brochures
n Then, oh wow, one of them hun h..

amtudc and 1... dmly saicty meetings back .. a .1ep .n 1he nghl dlrecuon.

dud ngh1. And obvnoualy, ’

,, . Your en.npany and 11.e .n.uaanee

understanding The wmkeh takc 11.e.. eue. hom .he mm an M a “mmh when ml‘
happcn" w.1~n'l 11.e best busmn» managemL‘nl—w}Iere 1eaa1e....h.p must bmc“’,_m’f’x;m ml: mm’ Mlimmnmg
a mach after a11 be .n. 1n 1he msurancn .ne1u.1. 1 and ’ '
pp 1: 1
a guud p.1rtnch}up does 1wo dung.
e.pee.a11y .n a11.he1.aa1e..-,1ae1e of _
The two managnmznt app.uaohe.- lndmm Wm (M W mm _a fnryou—|l .ane.yuu money (even .1
.pea1e for 1hem.e1yes — one got 11.e pl: ‘ ’ P ’ V 11.a1 only means you do NOT ge1 an
1o1 of money: 11 no une .. watching
a1one, and the n.he. imlnd. M..e.a1a1y. 1ncz2asL‘) and .1 bu1ld~ a 1uya11y ..u, .1
.he dct.1|l~—and watching e1o.e1y, 1 _ . _ h
‘ 1 _ Y you .ane a .enuu. 1o...., 1 e eompany

Somehow. 11.u..e tlung~ am nu. happen wmct ung -~ gems to 1:0 u mus PM ,, “,i,pu_,l mmng ya“, mm 0,
w1.en11.e old guy wa. xunnmg 11.e Anything ean and o1 eon...-e, .1 W11]. m—n’_mnMn W M “M mnmw
.ho.n Thcy .-uae didn'Iw.1nIID have 1.. MW mm“ mm mm Rm 5’

Cxplam huw 11.ey damaged 11.e tzuck— ’ P‘ ._ * Th...-e .nen woxkiozyou—Ic.1dnr~1up

enne.1he1.an1e. have nak control
wmclluw, 1hey managed no1 1.. max up dc mmum mm Md out M mm‘ .. what 1e1. 11.e.n know n1.a1 you
.ha1 truck Thev a1.-o,.un.ehow,me1n'1 P ’ * nxpncland huw you Expert .1 dune.
. — guy. 1o observe hon you do what you _
ge1 hun n. me wnneen eomp e1a.n... _ 1.e1.hen. know .ha1 .are1_y .. yuur
do and ~uggc~I huw 1.. do .1 .are. You
1a.gge.1 eoneem. You wan11hen. and
They managed 1n ge. 11.e work done ean .eque.-. n~'k conlml eome 1o you. 1
, . 1.e eou.pmen1.n one p.eee a1 the end

eyen.hough1heyhaa11o ancnd 11.u..e Dpcxat1on—1l~ eo.1hee and parlof mm dfl

.a:e1y Da.1y .a1e1y you. .n.u.anee p.u1en.un ”‘

A tuck 11.e old guy 1eameo1 from h..- H W dOn,‘1mvEhmL_m dm_mM 11'..u.1good fl

.=neno1.- nn11.e n.1ng.. For yeah 11.a1 Y .

. , eu.npan.e. ma.n.a.n a y.u1eo library dndn . have any 1....-e. and
wnh actompanymg brochure-typc
1he.. .n.uaanee .a1e. nen1 down
Damage pmecnion, ran, Easy, and Accumlel
- cm... eemueo cross hon Inspection records
- ...1en... legging with cloud ena analysis
- nan time zlens
. - ...1en... callbrztlon checking
1...... 1...... a....... mafxcrballs sumo:
and on... syilamswnm 1a. 1/lucJ—Pm
and $WanTv:r1sm1I\aI
0 4
~ 9
I n. ' 24
‘ yr I: ‘ 5‘
Q t
“M21 a 3
lnsD0c|D1nu1z>vcmsshoasfimm 2 1a .~ .eaa....aa .nann...aa and
   up 1. I50 .....a mvgm w..MmvcamMx»2 dmr<bm1unl\mswnh vmemn
|r1wo¢ImnCamalaSySI-m |J1\I4|)/Localnr
i"f0@U‘3593'(h-C°’“ *‘ wow SMARTER‘ Vivnx-Mvlmhuch Corpnrllion 4|;-v-av-=~ u2:T_
www.utasearch.(om 3251 aIcm1su-:1 an. n.. m1M4a—:nv2 eaaa s:IIs@vxml cum
5.... c1ara.cA nu.-.4 ue. ena. o1—Ana—7:M—14nn mmmmmmm
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