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collaborative team member, and my ef my qrsaniznfiunal cunsulting enreer socially acceptable manner. lmagine tor
guess is a ”dismrled ego" is a primary the mnler challenge lenm(s) facets a moment how easy providing teedback
driver. (This is a story tor another time.) ream members rrrekrrrz the deflsron re could be if team members adhered to
L Helping Each ‘mm tn sum” gel 2:-‘ere to Hus srmple teerr-Werk ghfeldetaiilt position that feedback is a
C““?b°”‘“"° ‘°“"?“’“'k is my‘ Wm“ 3- Visian 2) It just makes common sense that
reading the fullnwmg steps ask yoiirselt g I g Em mm ihwm mm m kmw haw
“"’° ‘1“°"““"5’ 1’ A" "W52 b°"“"‘°” w°'k’“‘ ‘“ “d“°‘"‘ ‘T‘.”"‘5‘°“" ‘*3 “"2 theirypertormance is impacting other
w;.},;,. my body; 2; what does ;. mg. m or the more underutilized tools in the ‘aims

use mesa gEi,,.,‘,,,,,g.7 leader s IooIl‘J;x. lavery cxrliipany Ish »

werkir-3 to a ieve some ‘Hg se W y 3) Teams within the damage
::h:"”"' Wm‘ W“ “"1 mm “d‘ M‘ define it and PM the‘ definifierr prevention community should evaluate
' re werk as a powerful motrvnfienal their success or working together on a

2) Proactrvely meet/exceed team Variable? What is more eorrrpellir-s_ regularly scheduled basis.

memb2Is' expectations. dlirir 7* damage P'jE_"9““f‘““ zrtyrllrgrhnrty In musing

g ac evmg t eir vision o sa . is

3‘), Pretzrde reemmfembetris feedback vision needs to be the guiding principle , did,“ man In uv2r_S‘n,‘plify

“ ““ .““““5‘ ° “‘’’E "3 es ream members Werk re help each collaborative teamwork. lnstead,
“P“‘““°“*'- ed-er s-reeeed» l want you to recognize teamwork

4) Accept and use the feedback to 4_ A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-1,-,y behaviors are already within your I
improve pertormance. L b 1 1 Lh behavioral library and using them is

ast, iit certain y not east, is e ; I T ik i, i . d it

5) Pmaehvely do wherever is accountability tool. Team members of me 3 B an a gm H .
necessary re helv ream members re every successiiil team hold each other

succeed and keep your cemmur-ity safe accoiintable to achieve success. Team L';':‘g $°‘“' FED“: “‘T““dj; Ti?"

. x, e eam ax
Yest ‘here will be times when one mgmbg” D‘ the damage Pmvmhun iriethodolo ’es to im rove em lo ee
, team should do the same Yes 1 5‘ P P Y

team member won t 1) have needed or d H d the Ch Ii -_ é Pgrfunnflncg m maxinflzg finandnl
correct iniormation, or 2) competently “rr ers '1 e edges re 0 s°- Success He can [,2 ,Ead,,3d a. ,m,.
complete their ieb resl>onsibi1ities- This 1) one has to muster the courage to .aarzoo@gtiiai'

is not a perfect world and mistakes are Pmvide imm, ieedbnck Pmided m 3

going to be made. Dunng the course

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