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ou will decide it your survival as is the case ot our ”Nu Department." liecause research shows they are
instincts are a triend or toe to , _ intreouently used. stop and ask
the collaborative teamwork  yourselt when you last thanked other
required tor damage . _ i . memhers ot the damage prevention
prevention. No, this article is not about Il;"“°:}“““3" ”‘::‘;"""“‘ ‘"j‘_‘"°‘d}“"5 pack tor dning a great ioh7 Publically
psyohohahhle, so let me explain. h::“an:“;“f‘(’):m‘  YD“! recognizing each other is a great way to
. . P . . i * estahlish each uLh2r's validity.

we are hardwired to survive which department is a pack witlun your

gives rise to tight or night whenever company which is itselt a pack. The 3. Reasszrt Control.

we erceive h sical or s cholo ‘cal Dama e Prevention communi can .

theirs to uufszcurity. lg/zbeen 5?. also of considered a pack nonsitysring ot Ea”? “’““‘ :‘“".f‘“fl““Y’ 5“
organizational consulmnt (or over several individual packs, i.e., one call E ““°’“‘“‘ “ “ ’ “ 5”’ " 3 “‘”‘“3

. _ _ . _ _ . and trusting other members of the

Lhuty years and see these instincts Centers, Excavators, Utility Companies, d H ‘E .11 d h I
working every day. For example, rm communities, politicians, etc. Now lets ‘h“"‘:5“lf'“("““ ‘“‘ ““ W‘ “ "" 3
currently working with a department address how packs can work together— “Y ° *5 ‘

that has the reputation otlieing the collahoratively. rll begin with the three My Embellishment

‘NC Department" within the company. strategies otiered by Lisa Kwan and K kg I Lh H I

That is, whenever there is a request then otter an embellishment. W“ 51”. ° '9“ 2*“ E“ .

fol mpmum ‘he mqmm hem no] I collaliorative teamwork strategies.

we Cm,‘ an that Sm“, H1 msfims at 1. Group Identity. with that said, however, there are
work: The sad part ot this story is the This author contends that every 3‘ 153;‘ ‘““’ “”‘“°““‘ ’"“‘3‘“* ‘“
department manager didn't know their team must maintain its own identity ‘°‘‘‘‘ 2'‘

reputation until l reported it to him. dehned by the nature uf its work and 1. “I” in Tzumwark

Researcher, Lisa l<wan wrote about ““"5‘°“' E"“Y “‘"'_‘b°’ “‘ "W “‘“"‘“5‘ cmiiiaiy ii, iiiii iiiii djché _ iiiaiii is

. . . prevention team has the right to be

teamwork blind spots in her arocle, The . aiiiy a we iii taaii, gvgfy iiiiiivialiiii
collalioration Blind spot that appeaied h“““"Y P'°“d °f "5 °°“'“b““°“ ‘° wiiiiiii [he iiiiiiia E maiiiioii

. . . keeping their respective communities 3 P _
m arm-tHarvar=1 Bus--ass Review W community needs to undersund their
(March 2019). She said, groups feel ’ treedom uf choice underwrites the
threatened when others are enoroaching 2. Rcapim Legitimacy. decision to he a collaborative team

on their territories. sometimes, 5 ma k b uh member or not. There are many
tollowing instincts get people in troulile “Y‘“S , " Y“ ““‘5‘ E ‘W? ° ° rtwhysw soiiiaiiiia (zhnosgg iiiii in iiii i

more ditticult words to verhalize,
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