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hm B an ,,EmuEcmy,, Stolrlrrng relatron.hrp. Tht1lcv.»~ts malh enrergenere.. lanroreerrrent r. rertarnly
mm mum fig ddmd o r1r~ln pmductlvlty and rrnpaet.t e a po..rhrlrty ln 2018 and agaln rn I
3745-2 (7) of the Alabama And rt al.o create. a mblcm lor the ‘ ' ‘ '

law "Emcrlm-Ky cxcavatmn" mcar-~ errayator. who r1rcn'I: trying to .hort. PX‘§‘f“";"f" E"‘°“‘f"‘“"‘ '3°§"‘ 1”’

"an erraratron or dennolrtren that r. eut the .y.tern. Hcm’~ how; The ° ““ ‘*‘“““‘°" '° ““‘“ ““‘"'“5
required to elrnrrnate an rrnrnrnent loeator.- are worklng a route of treleet.-, W” '1: l’“3’f‘ '“"““‘_“‘>’ l’°“““3’

drmgcr to lrle, health, property, or the but when they get an enrergeney 
enyrronnnent or re rrrred tor tre re arr re ue.t, the v t r lcall v have a .hort trrne * — *

or re.-toratron ol oguatux .eryree .P“ ‘0qm~P0"d‘)BC)cT1|‘gCihcyv an. Furled tlglfitr m\\'d~ til?‘ ablstfzcr Pélfh fat
Rcccntly, wlulc talkmg to a rru.traterl away rrorn the rontrne or nornral loeate ‘ 2°“d""" ““ “““"'d“:“c "‘““"”"
loeator, he cxclalmcd, "Poor plnnnlng reoue.t, rt ean well be two to rourhour. ‘° “ “°"‘"“’" 3‘°““ ‘“’““"

on ~a-mbody =l~v'~ part ~‘lwuldn't errt ol therr drw (dcpcndlng on how 1”“ “*‘?““l‘°“ “"“’ “““ '}‘“‘° ‘“'}‘'}‘°
con~tltIIlc an enrergeney on rny lar they nru.t élrrye). That put. thenr "“‘“°" ‘”“’ “"‘ "“l"““‘_d ““‘“ “
partt" wrthout que.tron, calllng m turther hehrnd therr .-ehedrrle. for the “““‘Y °‘“'“““ ‘1‘°’“‘““°"

an cmctlzmty ll-tratc that rlcarly duel anew‘ who try to do rt nghl. I’m told that emergency reque.t. (valrd
not mad the rcqaltcmcntl of an and |hVi|l|d)|'l1flkL‘ up approxlmalcly
vmvrscncy cmataa l>wl>l=m~' for all 10% ol the total volume or locate
at-lkuhv-tldctsr treleet. on a darly lra.r. and that

lt r.- obvmlw that rt ereate. a problem ‘1‘°'° “ " P“"*‘"' ‘° ‘“"*‘ “"“"l%“"°Y
lor the lerater, both the utrlrty rcq-w~'t~- Much al tlm t-rm» talm
loeator ana the contract loeator. fl::f§r::=:_m;=(l;::<:;f;:b';;fijft
Lo.rn valuablc trnre m~ enrhn to V t »

tal.e fmcrgcnclm put. (1: leratfr mo~tl,v tlm ‘WY tll=y'vc lvamvtl to
even trrrther bchlnd therr .-rherlule. 4° b““'"‘*“

that are already full A. one eorrtraet So yorr tan ~ee the tru.tratron ot the l turther bullcvc that rno.-t eyerylrody
lacatmlz manager ltatrdt "0bvmu»ly, lt ertavator who now has‘ workcn and wake. up every day and rntenrl.- to do
.trarn.- the ~y~tcm herau.e we all have uqulpnlcnt wzullng tor parnt or nag. a good rob. l don't bullcvc they want to
lrrnrterl re.-ouree.-. Furtlmx, the lotatlng 1_»nk1'1L‘ ground. Atthr.- pernt, rt r. ea.-y ereate prolrlenr. tor cvcrybody around
company lla~' contractual and legal to become f1'u~tmlcd at the lerator, and them. lt that’. true, then nnayhe we do
elalrgatron. to rt. rlrent or eour.e wc’ll .ornetrnre. nghlly ~() However, when need to find way~ to talk to another
re.penrl to the cmcxgcncy eall, cvcn rt a [orator get. pulled off then mgulax about the rrnpart we all have on eaeh

-t t-um out to be a n<>M‘mL‘rg=ncy and route ol routrne tltkcl reoue.t.- by pr.-t other. Let’. work tugclhcr to ~o1vc thr.
we .hould, but rt rreate. a real problem a eouple ol lahe enrergeney reoue.t.-, rt problem

for C\\'=rl'b°<l>'»" .=ru.trate. a lot of people. la.-.ure you A d f H h d _ 1 _[

h am mam a Pmblcm M the that nro.t ot the loeator.- I've lalkcd d “ ‘, “f “ ‘°‘f‘“l"‘° W f"}l“‘ bod Y
‘ , ‘ . ‘ to over the pr1~ttwcntyycars am a. W‘ t ‘~ ant ta, 5“ 6 “"2 Mt W 3t
errayator Vt he routrnely rall. rn the.e I I I d _ wh \\ ‘ V ‘ me Wt“, 409.“ , cm mu, .}m

lal~v vmvrgcncm Tlmfir~tl»'uc-a [‘“‘d:? “ 1:“ °‘‘‘“““ °““‘‘‘ ‘"5 drttreultre. they ereate tor everybody
lo..— oteredrlrrlrty. ll’~ klnd ot lrke the L" ‘ "W " C1,‘, lay. ‘Wk togmhc, to Cnigrip a
lmlcboy crymg wolf. Aftax a whrle, what r. the .-olutronv l.- there lrehayroral ehange

nobotly lrcllcm lum» But rnamthan .ornethrng that can he done to redure ,

that, ~hUl’k—Eull|ng!1'1L‘aya(Cln .how.a the number oltal.e ernergenere.herng Th“ * ‘“",‘3’ ““‘>' *““ ““‘°‘“‘ ‘P*“°““5
trenrendou. lack ol re.peet for the other ealled rnl ‘“‘”" t " ‘ “‘“ "“‘3’ ‘‘’"Y >'°“ ““ 5°‘
.takeholder.- who wrll he rrnparted wmc Pmlalv to ~low down 5

by .rreh halrrt.-. A lack of re.peet ror Same my tlmm 0-llzllt to be cwll

eaeh other wlll aIway~ end rn a poor l>cmltlv~ Mmatcd W-th tal~v

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