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You Be the Judge!
e reeently eompleted
the longest u.s. iederal 5110"“ be Pem-fine!-l-g HOW many I know [have been hard on congress
partial government ~1‘“ld°W“~ 4° ye“ ‘hlnk We: the in this article. That said, the good
shutdown in history. P°°P1’3r would see If ‘hat were the me? news is that we in the us. have the
laased on the news reports, there is a Che ‘M Shvl e‘ Cungrese * 'heyf'h°“1d best form of government in the world
possibility that there may be another in :“l‘R’h‘!“ Same retIrfime"|dbe‘h31fiL* mt-d The bad new; is that we can't Efren h
. ». ea Insurance DP one 1a e re~' et alon wit ourselves even tiou
iiino}: twdmm mu: vf the Pevulatloh enivye and Dbey the 572 are at: hypothetieally all seeking to
at a ens duiin a s uldown? . . .

""Noness:§tial" federal employees are Wm law" ‘"‘P"’‘’“' W?" “my °1.‘°“"g“”“ bf
hirloughed. what is a furlough? That Whfl‘ “Dee 3'1‘ have ‘O “D with Safety?  Sn °:,gm°
dzpmdi Genmu), it B an unpaid Just this; Life goes on even during a am,‘ flu it at aim” y y

leave oiabsenre. some tederal agencies government »~'huldeWh- The famous ‘

(e.g, TSA) required their BTW — The PHMSA’s
employees work without pay. l\\ cas Pipeline Advisory
some tederal employees <e.g., «_ committees (<:r>Ac"s)
Air Traffic controllers) are ’ ,“\\.L|  latest round ui hearings
required by law to eontinue _ . _\\_ __ _ an regarding proposed

to work even though they _ ,3/,  ‘V 3‘ A .3 _, ' t 1.. W _ rhanges to gas pipeline
are on strike and not getting i /‘ ’.b  t  ‘ ' ‘ ‘ satety regulations that
paid For employees living V‘ ,5. 5 ‘ 1 ‘ mi, ‘1 I _ ‘ \\ originated in August 2011
pay check to pay check, the ‘ 1 ‘ ' ,, -4 3 ;_ t‘ s:, vi 1:; yr‘ 1" J? in were lmtlwned because
hirlough was-andstillis-a ,, g ‘« ' ”' '* ‘“—~-—’. ‘. 7;‘; ’-T'_t'. I‘  L —oithe shutdown and have
major problem. As a former 3 - ‘W’ _ " ’t‘.'. I I i I . “e l ‘ “tilt not, as of this writing
federal employee, 1 have been , -‘a~._r_; ‘- A i been reselieduled. can
there and done that. it is you say eiteetive in 20207
NOT iunll The only good news is that, , E _ f uh H .

invai-ialily, bark pay and beneiits (such W Murphy §Murl>hy »~' Law) NEVER 9 ‘“ 2 °“ “'9”

as earning vacation and sick leave) ‘em a Vmflen 0' see‘ an furh>ush- Mm [mm mmfmm PHMSA

ale Prevldee‘ eve" le these emvleyeee ’‘°“‘“““‘‘ °“‘‘ “"""‘“» 1”“ b“““‘‘ For HESIHMS ar clzlummts van-i
who did not work At least the aiteeted Cohsreee 1» not eiv-ht: -ts lob am} I ‘Vb ("J b I D I f "‘ *
Emplgym my ‘D mmz mint, mm iederal employees such as FAA inrident //em I 5 ex 0 N we

Wholz invesngatora,Srl;l;l\\MsA ptlipeilnz aaieiy

inspee ors, inves ga ors an

The word that gives me heartburn NTSB investi ators are ”lo:k::d out"

 "nonessential " Is an employee  does not meai that accidents cannot flllflflflfl
"nonessential" and can be fuzloughed and will not happen. Furthermore, 
(Le, is locked D-It from Perfunmng there is no way that there are enough 5 
their jobs unlike TsA employees and air ,ag.,im,y paraomi 0; any kmai .., 3

traffic eontrollers) during a shutdown, b2 everywhere looking over YOUR 9, 
Why are they there In Ihe firet place? shoulder to tell you that what you are +3 
(That was and 1» a fhetvncnl questiun ) doing may lie unsaie. Your satety and g 
in my view, the first people to lose the satety of those around you is YOUR 9-

WY eheuld be every single member responsibility! Please, please, please 3;‘ 
otcongress and all of their start. They do not rely on your government to do g 3 3 5 4 9 7 2 t
should all lose pay and beneiits until the right thing or pruteet you from your at 6 - 7 2 5 3 i 9 8
the issue is resolved and that loss awn maig_.,..a,.,.

1.8 . Allsbamasll 2019, !ssu22

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