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A word or routron. Be await thot there
may be hurred utrlrtre. nnaxby when
rn.-ernng the ground .t.rlre rnto the
‘ ground
3 Creating good grounding where
the eat 15 not accessible.
E: E Vfl V! VV M V V V V V VVVV V; mg §:V V1 lg: lt . not .rlw.ry. posuble to rn..ert .r
tr 31;”): H H ,n ._ m=§x rt. 5: gm, rr_..r 5 5 5 g ,g._rr ground .tolre rnto the ground, .-o we
havc to he more rnventrve. For rn.-tonee,
EYSIM Em"? eonnertrng tlre ground wrre to manhole
r G . - (, - . , - - V. - U cuvnr .urround eon he very etteetrve.
(mod DlOLll’1dlI1b to lmplO\\C Lltlllty locatlng, C1cVVVVVhmmVmm RM WMV a mm
brush fintt to en.rrre .r good eonneetron.
Introduction Tip You can ol..-o u.e other rnetrrllre
.t tu so -d Ch‘ d l
l mmnmbcx when l wo.- trr.t rntrodueed The groundrng r. mo.t erteetrve when ‘ _"“ ’°‘ ‘"“ ‘" ‘ g’°“’‘ “‘° ‘
o. mad .rgn. ete but be enretul not to
to the world of uullty lorotrng some 35 the Earth r. eornoneted amund tlre V _ V VV M
V V _ h V k _ ,h _h VVVE mm e roo.e a .trueturt t ot eou ere.rte
yeor. ogo. l wo. told thot to get a good can a a 2 >0 w en you Pm a bug Condunm Fm mmpm Vt
‘mm ,.,gm1yo., mg to "ggl a gogd .t.rlre rnto the ground, makt: .ure rt
,, . , _ r. ternptrng to eonneet to o metallic
ground. lt really drdn t me.rn anyllung goe. .troVrglrt rnto the earth wrthout .rny VCVVCVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV VVVVV V5 VVV mm V
to me orrd drd nolhrng to help remove .rde to stdu movement The dezpcx you I d V VVV _ V
V V ,, ,, V h 1 d V1 b _VV V‘ ong eon uetor t r.rt e return .rgno

the my ~uc>t of groundrng. Hopefully pu~ rt rnto tre groun re t er, rr. re WV“ VVVV VVV VVVVVVV V “dc TVVV VVVVVVVV VV
the tollowrn rrrtrele can hel clanf v the ground tends to be mm rump-Mr and ’ 3 ’

eonee t- g P ) ol.o rnor.ter whrelr hel . eonneetrvrtv “ "“’“g “$"“' "“““““$ ‘”’"‘ ”‘“

P ’ ’ ' P — teneur strv rwo v trom tenern
to the ground. ln extreme tasm rt. 5 ‘— ‘ > 5

FM. to undvmand smund-nz We worth wetturg the ore.r around the e.rrtlr Independent Grounding

md to undemand where ~'-zmb ..t.rlre lle.rvert to the re.rder to deerde U VV VV d V

eome trom. Dctnclablc clcctxomagnetlc Wlmm but to gvlwatnn vs an In even cm smun wmm
.rgn.rls ore erented whcnnvzr we V V V muluplc utlllty lmcs maybe banded
have M. dmnm. mm... flu.,,,,.g .,, ,. Pootttontng the ground stake. together. A typical example ot thr. r.
eonduetor Now, for the eurrent to now The VJVVMVVVVVV of VVVE gVOVVVVd Mm CVVVV wlren mappmg out rnultrole cables

rn a utrlrtv we need .r eomplete erreurt _ _ radiating trorrr an unu.ed low voltage
V — V VV V d orteet re.ult.. The .run r. to have the V _V VV _V V TV

rom rr trammrttet, a ongt e utt It), an “gm, mm] along Vhc Vmmy WMVWV ran. ormer .u . a ton. rere r. .r
then back to tlre tr.rn.rnrtter temptotron to ronneet the ground wrre
“V ‘"‘°““‘““‘“ “""‘ ‘}‘“ “"3"” [mm tlre trrn.rnrtter to the .trtron

There are a tew waya to ~afnly eonneer returnurg through tlre ground To VoVVVVd AA“ V“ VVVVV VV V mj VVVVVV

to the mole but that r.- anothnr oublzct. mm-rmzc the effects of the gm-md ground and Wank ,’N’V,V in “fog
suttree to say we eon ronneet the eurrent. rt l~bc~l to plan: the earl}: V V‘ HVVWVVVVV VVVC VVVVVVVVV VV’VVVVVd WV“
Imnsmlllez to the utility. Huwnvcr, emke as far away from dun um-r,v ’bj?';gn’mmd to 'fl,, gm ‘ng,fm“d,.
typreolly, there I» no return eohle. so we as l>owblc»Furt1m reason, most and Pmbflbly Vhc mmnfl VVV§mVVVE ’
rrru.t Ematc our own return path back mrrnutoetorer. reeornrnend placlng _ * _

wrthur the lrurldrng. Thr. ollow. the
to the lranomlttu. we do thr..- bv uamg the ground .t.rlre oerpendreulor to the _
— _ .rgnol to return to the tron.rrutter
the earth. uulny ond r1~faz away o. oo..rlrle. VVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVV EVEVVVVVVV V VVVVVV
Tlre .-rgnol lravel~ rrlong the uull|y Thts r.- o good .tnnrng point, however, eontu.-rng locate .rtuotron. ln thr.- elr.e
ereotrng a .rgnol we eon lorote but tlre other rntluenee. .lrould be eon.-rdered. rt ts rnuelr better to use an rndependent
renrrnrng .rgn.rl use. the ground o.- a For nxamplc, plnerng tlre ground ground olakn po.-rtroned well away
eonduetor back to the tr.rn.rnrtter The atakn close to other uulny lrne. will [mm the subolauon. If neee...-ory, u.e
mm,“ mmnr. d,,.,,.t,.,.Q .1, enrounrge the return .rgn.rl to hrtrh an cxtenatun cable to Extend the e.rrtlr
throughout the ground .o they lr.rr,e a nde on tlre..e uulllmo. Tlre re.-rrlt eonneetron to a .urtotrle groundrng .rte.
mlmmal etteet on the .-rgnol rodrotrng can be lh.rt the return .-rgnol heeome. N V [V V VVVV H V
V . IV V Vh ote.A..rrut,r ero e.ort,orrrr.ry

trom tlre utrlrty. ln the e.r.e of morn axgnmcantcnwsl 0 rm 6 am er be 1m do M N V‘ (mm mmmim
eolole. the far end ground ts ereoted .rgnol whroh can he eontu.rng tor the VVVVVVVV_' VOVV VVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVC VVV VVVVVVV
by the rn.toller of the eoble The opnratur so, li the po.-rtron of other and iVVVV>m VVVVjVV VVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVV; §VVV VVVVV
kansmlllcx end r. u.u.rlly erented by uulmm x~ known, keep thv ground CVMCSV H flgml damp ‘gourd be mg
the opnralor. A metollre eorth stake, .t.rke well away trom them. WVVVVVV VV VVVVVVVVVVV VVV VV

u.-uolly In» tlrnn U.5m ln length, 13 ’ P ’

Al.o remember Lhal tlre ground
Inserted rnto tlre ground and the black MVVVVMVVVVV lead WV“ hm Vhn mum Knowrng wlr.rt algnal r. berng
leod from the tr.rn.rnrtter r. eonneeted _ tron.-rrutted from the tron.mrtter r.
.rgnol and eon he eontu.ed wrtlr tlre
to rt. a good rndreotron or how good the
.rgnol trorn the uultty. Kccpmg the
. groundrng r.-. Q
cable peroendrerrlor wrll lrelo reduee
the etteet. or this
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