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labamak underground are otten questions related to the last struetures, Including trarhe control
Damage Prevenuon part ot the prohibition statement as devrees, replaee ~u:h strurtures in their
legrslanon has been enacted to whether a person rs exempt trom appmxlmatz previous loeatrons and
sincs 1994 over the year. having to contact the uulrty eompames at then approximate prevrous depth.
there have been some amendments to lf there as an ezuemnnl on then property Excavale or excavation shall not Include
strengthen and rmprove the damage Thrs seetron states that a person rs not mutinz rarlroad mamtenanee actwllies
prevennon program m our state we subject to the civll penalties rt they eondueted wrthrn the track ~tructum
thought rt would he a good rdea excavate on then own property and and us adyaeent rrght of way, provrded
Io torus on some of the key terms have no lrnowledge of any exrstmg the aetnrmes are perturmed by rarlroad
and seetrons to cnsum a thorough taerlrues there. They are not Exempt employees or railroad rontraetors
undemtandlng of underground damage rrom any nonheauon requrrement and are earned out with reasonable
preventron as outlmed m Alabama state strretly berause the easement as on then care so as to protect any underground
law. properry. taerllues plaeed ln the rarlroad rrght.

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smron 37-15-3 Pmhxlnmm: Sectmn 37-15-1 — Deflmtmns: ,‘iIa““h“i:‘E  ':h‘a“ igég“
No persons shall excavate m a street, EXCAVATE or EXCAVATION Any or abrogate any eontraetual provrsron
hrghway, publle easement, pnvate operatron tor the purpose of the entered mto between any rarlroad and
or lmplmd easement ot an operator movement or removal of earth, roek, any other party ownmg or operanng an
or on a property of an operator, or or other material by meohanrzed underground racrlrty or undugmund
eonduet blastmg operations, or pertorm equrpment or erplosrve devme uulrty hnes wrthm the rarlroads nght.
demolrtron aetrvrtles in the near and meludes, but is not hmlted to, ot-way.
proxrmlty of an operaturls underground augermg haehtllllng, blastmg honng, Th” N am Explmmkm of Wm H
taerlrty wrthout hr.-t havmg aseertamed, drggmg dllchmg, dnlhng, gradmg
. . dermed asexeavatron we utten get
rn the manner presenbed m sernons prle-dnvrng, plowlng-ln, pullrng- . . r. ,,

asked lf there l~ a hand drggmg
4 and e of thrs art, the loeatron of all m, nppmg, serapmg sub-sorlmg mm hm “hm M We law Om
underground iacllitles in the area or trenehmg and tunnelrng Excavatz or P _ _ ‘
. law does not ~pcclfl:nlly zxnmpl hand
the proposed ex:avr1tIun,bl2I~tlng Excavation does not rnelude rouune d. _ .
. . rggmg as a torm Dfex(avr1t|nn,bul

or demohuon, however, vrolauon roadway mamtenanee aeuvrtres it do“ mum ammo“ ‘ mac

of Lhis seetron shall not subject any earned out by or tor those responsrble _ ‘ 1"

. aetnnues by use of meehanrred
person to the ervrl penalues of seetron tor pubhrly-marntarned roadways,
_ . . . _ equrpment. However, we edueate
ltl provrded the easement or the provrded that the aetnnues oreur and Smmglv “mm M‘ my pm“
underground taerhtres rs loeated on entrrely wilhm the right of way of a . —
. eonduetrng any type of aetrvrty,
property owned by the sueh person and pubhe road, street, or hrghway; are 1
w rether wrth hand tools or meehamzed

sueh person drd not have knowledge earned out wrth reasonable (am so as E “i mm that mum dmmb mg

of the 2><l~t2nc2 or presenee of such to protect any utrlrty taerlrtres placed ‘1 P ’ ’

. . servree of the earth to potenually
easement or underground taerlrty. m the nght of way by permrt, are “Pm “ndmgmmd mum muld
Tlns is the basrr seetron ot the law that °“”!*“ "“‘ ‘”‘”"“ ”‘° ‘"'““ °‘ ““>' uulrre the tree servrees of the 811

ongrnal zxcavatlon on the traveled Lh
requrres notmeatron ID the underground my Jwuldm M dmmge “am of program to nollfy e member
taerlrty owners pnor to the start ot any ' . underground tanlrty owner. and have

. — a publrr road, street, or lughway, and, h . h .

mm..,,,, a, l, proreets. There . I e area. loeated to mmlrnlzt: t e nsk ot

lf rnvolvmg the replaeement of exrstrng

any potentral damage. .
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