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) us reparleal that Alabama has apprnximately 6,748
Imllzs of lmerslatz pipeline and more than 57,000
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g $ ‘ rnaraslrnenrre to pmlctl from damage due to tlurd parly
_, J ereavallan aeuvme. The oil and gas lndudry as one of
llre masl regulalerl rnalnslnes |n our nnllon. There are
very slnel gmrlellnes, both at federal anal .-rare levels,
(hill the eampame. upemllng lbese rype of ~y~'tnms mus:
comply W|I1'1 to ensure Ihn salely and pmducllon of Lhelr
unaergnnrnal syslems.
Q i ln this erlmnn of Ihl: Alabama 311 Magazlne, Ihl: focus rs on
v l *‘ Ihl: ga. anel plpellne lnduslry There rs valuable lniozmatlon
* to be learneal from llre salery pmlaeals, elamage prevcntlon
W programs anal engrneenng lnllanves maele by tlm gas anal
plpellne lnduslry Tlrese prpellnes lrave a notable lnslary
of being sale anal secure However, ln addltlon to being ln
eamplranee wnl. all the regnlauans, ll l~ also vltzll fur Ihn
sxcavatlng cummunlty and (lit general public to be aware of
the erlslenee of «bee laellmes and llre sale.-l ways to work anrl bye armrnrl them.
Please lakn a momenl and see what new rnlarmauan may be avarlable |n Llrls edlllnn
Io a.~.~l~'I wllh llre ennlrnneal lmpmvemsnl of an even slranger damage prevennan
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