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lenees or performing a nraror n.»n~tructl(ln pro.eet. Prpehne The natron's rnlrastruetures, rnrluolrng prpelrnes, are a matter of
eornpanres anel other utrhtres wlll mark the loratron or therr natronal seeunty. If you wrtness susprerous aetmty on a prpehne
lrnes at no rost to you I-rpelrne anel utrhty markers may not rlghlrnfiwzly, please report rt to the approprrate authontres
show the c><acl10cr1l|1.»n of the huncd hnes when Excavating as soon r1~ possrble, or you may call the prpehne operator's

near prpehnes, many eornpanres wlll reqrure that they nunnbers Threat ad\'l~'orlcs may be found at the Department or
have a prpehne ronrpany n:prc~'L‘nlzlklvL‘ onsrte to In~pL‘:l Honnelanol seeunty's websrte wrttrllts go!//rlhsllllfllm

anel proteet the Ilndurground prpehne. Farlnre lu eall tall NATIONAL PIFELINE MAPFWG SVSYEM

belore cxczl\'r1ll1.»n rs the Icadlng rause ot dr1mr1gL‘~ to bnneel

prpelrnes one srnrple rall ran help keep you out or harnr's For lnfurmalmn about prpehnes opurallng In your area, you
way. may eontart the Natronal Prpehne Mapprng system (NPMS).

H ‘W °°~5E°~E~<E AREAS K1511‘i$‘§?'§‘§;§£}'1Z?T§§,‘?§{3f§if.‘I§‘f.§'lii‘Zf3T§?r§§ri3Zf"

ln zlccurdzlnn: wrth fcdcml regnlatrons, some areas near lnformatlon for prpehne eonrparnes npcmtlng In your area vrsrt
prpehnes lmvl: been olesrgnateel as Hlgh consequenee EUEUW Hflnls/1 plmtsa dot glvzl [or nnore rntonnatron If you would
Areas. For these areas, supplemental hazaral assessrnent hke to know whreh speerrre ronnparnes hsteol are near your

and prcvcnlmn pIogram~' known as Inlcgnly Management aolelress please eontaet our Rcgulamry seryrees Dcpartmcnk toll
Programs have been eleyelopeol. If a prpehne operator has tree at 1—x77—Z80—8636 other resourees may be found at Ofncc cf
Hlgh consequence Areas, nrtonnatron about these plans Prpehne salety http.//ops duhgol/, the Partnershrp for Exccllnntc
rnay be avzulabll: lhmugh therr ronrparn/s websrte or by tn Prpelrne satety EUHYIU.S/1fl‘;l/;Y(‘lUIA'5 mg or at itlww ptpelmt-1r:1
conlatllng the ()pcmt()r'~' eorporate orrrees mm For more rnlornratron on ~afc l:xt:l\'r1tl0n, gr: onhne and

VI~‘llwlxlxmwtlllltullglUtmd/11hmlcr rmll
WAY? Awareness rs the key to prerentrng prpelrne aeerolents. Yml ean
rontnbute to the satety anel seenrrtv ot vonr nclghborhnnd by

Pl elm: n hl~—0f—w1v must bl: kl: (iron from ~'txuckurc~ ' '

P 5 ‘V t P knuwmg where prpelrnes are, anel knnwlng how to rccngnlzc
and other obstruetrons to proyrole aeeess to the prpehne fur umudmmcd mum m ‘I W U‘ 1 wk F WC“ 1* hm to
'“‘‘‘“'““‘‘'‘‘‘‘t 3* "““‘ “‘ "‘ "‘° °"“"‘ '-“ "" °"““5““9"* “ 3 respond In the ease or a pllillnc aeerelent Prpehne eornpanres
Plvchm °“>~~'°~' W" P">P°">l PW“ 4° W‘ PW" "W 0* rontrrnre to state In be good nclghborb, and .a.r llkc anv good
large shrubs on the rrght—or—way. Do not dlg, bulld, store or 1 ‘

~ nclg rborhooel watch program, nerghbors look out for earh
plaee any lhmg on or near the nght~'—u[—wzly wrthout nrst ‘ _ __ ‘
, other Ioln III wrth the prpehnt eornpanres to keep our [amlIlL~

havlng the prpehne eornpany s personnel mark the prpehne ms

or stake the rlghl~—<lf—\vay anal erplarn the c()mpany'~' U

eonstrurtron and easement requrrenrents to you.

Know what's below E 
;.l:r:r.m 2. N 3“ .v:. «,t:;: .C.r: t: at an 0

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