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from the desk of
) ater, water Everywhere rs pmbably hat the
favonle phrase {Dr water uhlltres and rural water
~, " f / systems inAlabama. As a manErDffr1El,l|pmb2IbIy
‘ s: ' / doesn't even make the list of things they would like
g ' $ ‘ tn hear. lr. luokmg alwork bemg perrarmeel on lbeate
, requests thrs year, more than 18% of the requests report
some type at water-related work to be pnriormsd. or
the mom than one-half-mllllun lbeate requests prbeesseel
m 2013, the marbrtty of them have had a water fanllty on
the nollficatlon hst. water iacllitles have a great risk of
damages due to cxcavallun aclivlty smee they are required
to be undezgmund and do not have the option to be plaeed
Q ,3 , an aerral poles l rmee had a water operator tell me he
, wrshed he emrld put hrs water lmes an poles beeause there
W was ju~t too much other stars underground these days. Too
.rt after. water fr1cilltle~ may not be deemed as rmpbrtarrt as
others, sueh as gas or eleetrre, but they are rust as vrtal to our
way of llic.

Thts edmah of Alabama 811 Magazlne tbeuses ar. the water
mdustry, what they ate dolng to be proaetrre Io prateet therr iaclllltlcs and rmrdmtze
poteatral thtrd party damages.

Take the me to read these articles same of the best tdeas may blteh Come from
other mdustry leaders who may hav: a dlghlly dmererrt perspeetrye Remember, all
underground facllltlcs are lmpunant to our mdryrdual and prbressroaal exrstehee and
eaeh one plays a vllal rule at kezplng Alabama sare and eamreeted.

Annette Rcbum

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