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Have you ever seen what a water marn have a lug yarell You would need to oeeur .as rn thrs artrele, the water

can do to a madbve-d7 If you hzlvc, then burld a pool about 257 ltet long (almost operator was notrhed by 811, huwL‘vL‘Yr
you know, bcfom the water pressure as long as- a football held). 50 feet natronal studres tell us- that when you
could be redueed wrth \'r11vc~‘, a tew wldv: anel 10 ttet eleep. Pllbllc water are grven the opportunrty to loeate
hunelred leet ol thrs marn street was supplrers are also provrdrng water you: water lrnes-, damages occur less-
gone. The :|ty'~' storage tanles were to nppmxlnlamly atlu mllllon people than one percent (1%) or the trme.

rn llxlpardy ot losrng vrtal pressure to at s-rngle—ramrly and multrlamrly WC undmmnd ‘hm mm “ mm In
avold a boll order, sen rees rn that park dwellrngs

, _ _ proteetrng underground utrlrtv lrnes
or the erty were lost, both busrness W I I K K '1 W th I H B K ‘ I ‘d
ma ‘mdcmmly am‘ R Wm mccwry a er rnes are tvtryw rere, rlgx an rus (El rug. u cxcavzl ors nee
1.»f—wzly~' are nvnrcmwdcd and to make that tzlll to an bcfum they
to eletour around marn street untrl the I
, because of the rnereas-eel awareness dlg, and ll you have underground
road could be reburlt. There were other
ot the rmportanee or proteetrng all utrlrty lrnes, vou need to be notrt'-reel
negatne consequences as well, but we —
underground ranlrtres, both munlupal that someone rs about to excavate
get the plcmrc.
and rural water systems are beeomrng near your underground lrnes- A water
The mzl]orlly()[AmL‘rlct1'~ populatron members or am systems bL‘:zlu~c ot the operator who beeame a member of an
gets therr water delrvereel from a pcrtclvcd value (lfbclng notrhed or told me, "Alter butomlng a member
pllblloallpply system. Thrs- makes rmpenelrng cxcavatlon rather than by ot 811, l was s-urprrseel by just how
sense, as Amerrea's populallon now IcgHlt1ll\'c enloreement. many treleets were berng called ln
largely lrves- rn urban tcnlcla. And tor A 1 V p cm 1 M "R thatlwoulel hzlvc ncvcx known about
those ot us- who have ehosen to llvc ln * °‘‘‘ ‘W "“‘ " ‘ “ ‘ / before.”
should be nbvrnus In all our members-
rural areas-, me rs- mueh better because , ,, , ,
, by now that the best lmllmntu pollcv l vi: been asked, W hat s the east to be
or the natron s rural water systems-. — ,,
therr water system ean have rs- to lorow a member’ The plaln truth rs that rt
Domestre delrverres by publl: water when someone rs drggrng near therr doesn't m~'L rt pays one unneeess-ary
supplrers now total more than 24,h0n lrnes. At least bung a member of 811 damage or one borl oreler eould easrly
mrllron gallons per day (MED). To gryes the opurator a elranee to pmtcct cost more than the membershrp
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firm.2.lfiifilriirlair‘ai§T§§§f$aer " Y’ ‘"1 C°"'“=‘ A‘“b“'"“ 3“ ‘° 5"“ °"' W
_ lt rs true that ]u~t berng a member rt makes sense to become a member

askeel you mbulld a pool that would d _ ,t I K d _ Y ,t K d 6

hold a mrllron gallons, they had better “‘*" 5““"“‘ °‘ “ “"‘“5‘ ““" '’ "Y

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