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raet. ahuut water that yuu have yobs, yuu ct1n'tha\'n bu~'mc.s~L‘~, the watet flowing and sure [01 the
may not knuw. hotels 0! liumna. we must IL‘~pL‘L1 and cualomcri dcpcndcm upon the
Dml you mm, pmlcct Oul watet hne.-. yaluuhle mwuxcn
wh.1e |ndu~mcs' hkc tlmnnuarslnctnt Reeently, a cunlxacung etew wunung
- The average ea.-t my water aupplmd _
power and farm ungauon nuhze the an a nute highway ptcneet was mquircd
to a hume In the U 5 la ahuut $2.uu cat I _ _
atge.t volume ml watet, must cvcryonc to makc a bun: undcr a state highway
1’”°“‘“"""*' ‘”1“‘h WW" “b"“‘ 5 mc0gruzL‘~ the v'\IIIn of pmteeung (Jul lh1lr1nt1uoug11lhc nnduue of a any
g““°“" ‘°‘ “ P“““3’ nauon'~' vnal pllbhc water ~uppl1cs' For The hghway uhu doublcd a. the mam
- The avuagc Amcntan famxly u.e. Dxamplc, almmng down a watnr aupply alrcnl u[ that nty. An an uckcl Wu.-
nnne than am) gauom cf watt: per to an tuxporl, officc eotnpxex or beauty called an, the uullty cumpan|L‘~ nete
day at heme. Ruughly 707, cf lhh u.e n0l|fiL‘d, the tonlmnor wamsd the
ocEur~1ndm:r~. appmpnatc amount of tune tu uuuw the
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- Mm» .“;:.:::.:::at.,:::;:,.n,:::,:;;z;‘“
m<I:m'~' 3”“ %a"°"~ 0‘ Wm M the 10-mch water .na.n runmng m the
Pm um alrcnl under pavement

- The-te ate an naumamd 700 water mm may hm hm Mm gm‘

gm ‘;‘S=ak~ P” “W 0" M‘mg= ‘H W tea.-on. nut to L‘xpu.~1:tl\u.~A, .t

’““ '“‘“*- wa. under pavement, (hum WUL‘ unte

. 397, 9; mm. m ey,m,,.. .1“. dam, cunatnunh and the fallback tlnnnung
wutet tu mum than 1nu,uuo pmple ate mun Cm be mm am a ha,,_m,,,,,g may hm bcvnu"1'|1 I-M hm‘ dwprr
bmwm. an and an yam, old, Cxpmcmv but dmwmg a mm than the hne... whatevet the good

. A 4 5. 11 1 1 bod aupply to a liuapltal could prove to he ‘““‘'°“‘ W“ “" “°‘ P'°P““Y “‘P"°"‘3

n na 34 hr mu-an y t» h the ut.hue., cspccmlly the watet hne,

about 60% water and the human bram calwrop In H mmcd am to M, a bad chum the

h 73% W-itch Kccvmz 0'" Wm‘ And nene of these dhruplmna addmai eunttuetut bored through the l0—m:h
'“‘“‘~"“C“"“ ~“° W‘ *l‘1'“b1*‘'*‘ “ the nnpaet tu the watet .-y.-tern. and water mam

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