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CUNWNUED FROM PAGES mes~agL‘, you've made .1 mnnectmn audience You ncxcr know who mu be

g"‘"l‘ “’ h“ ““ ““d”l“"“"d "“'“" 1”“ have an plaflcrcd all over my bu):\t al;.. 47:: coh1mcr:1al~ dell:/cnng the

and get one of them hurl." , '
My amwcr .~ that lhurc an: a lot as folk» em me~.a;;e. We reached 12 nullmn
Mark ~md, "Every epwnde we do n lxkc me that are hard to reach through uewer~ an the Pur~un Clmnnul, and
Inn. But lhh Alabama 311 mung tmdmunnl met11od~. Landacapcrn thatwaquslnn1tspxI0t~u:\mn,zurmg
tnp ls ~pcc1al I dunk 2| lot 0! mm [once bulldch and Irrngaklun pmple [or only 13 week~ "
wIlIL‘ny1.»y1lbccaII~L‘xt's about Iatlmrs but m1.»~k all 0! u- hke the mndm.»r- and The ‘Hand $150“ 0‘ The Dmcmm M"
and mm daughlcrc A big pan of me k11I~1~ a way to reach me hardrmrreaeh an an the Purzm Chm“! Tmda N 1‘
audwncu we nmd to reach are men stake11uldcr." 7 WP.“ bcgmmng 1;" Mn; 1 Zm<‘fl;L_
and women who love the outdoors. ‘ ’ ‘ ‘ — ’ ‘
Mark cnneluded "The Dlrcclmn YIIr~uxt Channel Um be found at 1604

When yen ~11ow men. ~1.»mL‘lhIng they 3 , V

am ‘nmmqcd m am‘ dmm m the an C0nnL(l~ var), vvell\\1t11tl1e outdoor on Durul TV, 1544 on /\TBrT Unn Eran

Know what s below
Before you dig!

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