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rnrlude hmpitala, ~l:hoaIs, ernergeney And even though we drd have a uullty
re.ponder. and many ollmn. loeare llcklsl, we .ull had a al|uauon
“: rh.r dd- lttl .d
vb. l Although a uulltv loeare mquml docs ‘ “°“ ° ""°‘“ “ ““ ‘°“ ‘“
u — pmtauuons. Thus r. what we all need
- . not eover Lhl: overhead utllllms, ouelr Winn ‘mm mum in K W E M
‘J — as‘ power, telephone and :r1ble,|tl.s under mmdgmm K Poficxrgamral
‘ ""1" ‘“"‘“h°'“° "’ °‘‘‘‘ ‘°”’““ b"“”“ as lei: lronefieable-and walerall have
,— 2 hes-nmnsanvdwm fa;;.la.
a Many of llreve uulrue. have sexvlcu Md to be mm 0‘ W1“ mmu“
' n, V ._,I hne. that eorne donn rhe uullty pole The mm Jnpumm mm H (Jan ‘D1:
_ ‘ —: and than go underground to «NC 3 uulltv loeale reque.-r pnur to hegrnnrng
e . II parueular fanllty. so even rr u looks llkc my émmiom “ H ‘mpmmm ‘hm
W Wzvllracemnes Evcrylhlng r. overhead, u r. ml] a wwz angonc d‘ m an Kwhm M“ an
Dlrecxor, Gas Plpellrle saerv rnove lo eall lo: a ullllty locale request —d 35d 3 I ’ kn K b 1
Alrnamo Publlc Servlne Cnmmlsslarl . “" °¥EY°''“ W “Y W» i 0"‘ W W
"’ b‘ “'9 ‘1‘“‘ “°”““5 “ “‘ ‘}‘“ “N” r. powlbly rn Lhu ground |nt1rllarc1
“’1‘““}‘“ ‘”°“‘ " P‘““"““‘> Even rs the loralor. do nor aeeurarely
There are eerrarn Lhlnga l do not llkn mark Lhe utlllllna, errra eauuon .hould
ro work around, on a puwnal bans. he lalren when drggrng m Lhc area
underground power r. one of those Someumcs, a. rnenhoned above, Ihnn:
hen l fink ~r1w rhe llcm~. l have Ihl~ dread of eurung are ltcms underground that are no
lopre for lhr. quanL‘r's Ihmugli a power eahle and not herng longer aenve. And loraung .. not an
rnagazrne, I thought, ulale to let go oftl\ctuolIr1m uang. l exact ~cxen:c. Mx-mkm am made and
”Wl\r1l do l know about have been on a cunatructlon are where even though llre localors are lryrng
puwnr?" l, lrke moat people, ,n,-r knovg rhe harldroe opcratm uneovered a to do llrerr but and be a. areurare a.
Lhal l mp a ~'w|Icl\ to turn u on and send power lrne that had nor been eorreerlv Ihcy ran, they can mm mm of the
my payment for u eaelr m1.»nLh. l have marked. we rould not rell rr rhe underground uulrue.. sonnerune.-,
“M, Wmkcd M an enema n..1.ry, an, haekhoe tooth had broken the eover Ihc ulllltles replaee rhe |nfm~'|ructun:
have l had a grear amount cf worlong on the power lrne or not. To be on the and tlmlr maps are nor updared ln a
mac §Pen[ n, .he add Wm. Povgcy .a:e .rde, we got everyone away from uruely rnanner, crulsmg rhe loearor to he
eorupany erew.. But tlmn l thought «he haekhoe and had the operator slay working off old malwmlz avalcmw
about how, even wulr the eleerrrerry In hh $CfllI.Il’Il|lI1'1L‘ power eornpany SD’ ‘M an be fig (mm M PMM
|n['rastru:luxL‘,mr1ny of rhe .anre .alery arnved to venly li rhe lrne was‘ .ull mound an “mm Whuhm flbow
concerns are ln plare and .~.hould he ueuve or nor. Forrunalely, lhc lrne mm or “Mk ’;mmd WE Md
adhered Io. had been abanduncd when ~omn new :30 mm mm uujim In E“ 0
W I 1 V d I power lmcs had been ln~tr1llcd ln that hum; “Edy a‘ um en‘; 0’; mi), ‘hm
‘d’ ‘ ’“°‘ §°‘i‘1"’ 5" ”_“‘lf “° _ area. Tim was u ~'ltur1l|un we knew W2 don,‘ ‘mm am, m “nu dun ‘D
‘L'h“fl{‘m’1§:"“b"‘c d;‘”_“C‘(“l  had tlm polentlal for ~£nou~ mlury, mmafl Wm‘ Powh ‘LE5 Sam”! gas
around l1\nm‘O\'nh}lcad lrne. rnalee g hm d‘“"””"y’ [hm M" "° "'‘'"'°’ P-ladxncw wamr lmv~' or dnv tylm vi
- or cqulpmunl darnage that day But ‘Kl I bl _ —w I
“P ‘1‘“ ‘“l“I°"‘Y °‘ PW“ 1"“ '" "‘°“ u drd gel L‘vcr_vonc'~' allenuonl And  :‘:Km N
area. of I re alatv: Spccml eare rnuu he bflckhm am not WK only eqmpmm . r ‘ P h
erereued when worlong around them. . \ and Work ~Il<'~ cvrry day» Safcty to I e
M d ‘ h h d 1 k that ran eau.e a uruauon llkc tlua. Evuu final Pmdm We ‘hula “pm ‘I M
anwnm en. are a r1~\uc In . :
wmim mm E m mm M1‘ as 5 drggrng wuh a a1\uv2l,al\arp~huotnr or ml of MW Km and WW WC muld
haelrhoea ettlnq loll: elo.-ero llre ower “Ck ‘“° C“ “"5" lh" “""“ ""’b'°'“’ aim» to all our emvlovws Dun’! lake
hm mfm cgw am“ Q to (1; srnee the rndrvrdual r. holdrng onto the mdm 51mncuh>]M—bmu~“hE
backhoe An; mm; H“ "ill Y ‘mum devree, tlmy ~tr1nd a rnuelr helrer rhanee Pow” mm M nmlmd am not
f I v Lh bP°H 3/ of berng lnyumd, or ~cr1rcd lo dcr1lh.’A mm mm 1“ K [N din mm. mm
W "W “‘I“'> ‘° L M “’“ °P"“‘°'> .udden bolt of eleernruy eonung off a ‘ 3 ” 3
Alw, Lhc lncldcnt might re.ulr rn a K K K rho.e that are huned underground.
huned eahle would be enough to gel T k H‘ K K I Kh
power oruage for that area. Thus rnrglu anyundfi flmnlmn a z Pwpu Pmmu mnf w En‘
wurklng around all power aoulccw Q
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