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n the damage prevent-on -nchntryr Heavy earlhrnovtng Cqulpment was wha sadly dldn’t lrve to reronnt lns
we ennatanily talk about the entplayed to reshape tlns rnters-eetron, enrnnnter wrth lngh-voltage eleetrrerty
rntportanee of calllng an hetore and rnnltrple layers at eonerete needed ,, .
you chat m>P?C"“8 local-ng l-nes to be taele-harnrnered to he rernoved A ‘—"l"““' ‘“"““°’ “°”" ‘""‘“

and lhmklng ahant salety at every ‘hm-tsh the Meat ca-"Ins rmnvr

MP’ W Mn mundm ‘ab gm can on the day of the arerrlent, twa workers darnage ta overhead lrnes- anrl seattered
mm mm ‘mam, mm m mmum were lack-lmmmcxlng eonerete In a ontages, he sard A ntthty workcr
NPcCm,y when Wmkmg mound ‘ugh ialrly deep hole when tragedy s-trnele. spatterl darnage to some poles and a
mum dmnmy‘ They had na rrlea that a rna,or hazard saggrng energrzerl lrne and called rn

erts-ted ,nst a lew tnehes bnlnw the-tr an ernergeney laeate reonest. A seronrl

At a recent Damage Pmvm--on boots. mpalr new  an that way to replace
snnnrnt, an eleetne s vstern rlanta e . tha dam ad alas-,~

Pmvmmm manage, {am the 5 "The workL‘r~ ,aele.harnnrererl throngh 5 '’

Pmmpams ‘hm gpmfll we fihoum be a eonerete dnet bank tnta an 8,000-volt The hrs-t laeator an the stene, who had
“km mum, dew“, gyfilemfi bod‘ prnnary eleetrteal hne, he explalncd deeades of erpertenee, arnved to find
 .r:":.$:;'5:'§;l:::t::t:::‘:;a. i::::::‘:::$:::$;::;;:.::°:::
"Eleetncal arc» can produce some of the rnynrtes." P wateherl the fullowlng srene nnlold.
hrghest ternperatnres known ta orenr H ,

on Emma. lm Sm ..They can mach up The zxtznmc heat generated In a htgh- The trrst loeator mmovcd the lnratrng
‘D 35100“ dflgma (Fa1m_n1ml)’ Whig N vultagn ax: eanses the snrranndtng arr eqnrprnent lrorn hrs trnele, anrl began
‘hM_md_fl_,m,f mm ‘hf mmpmhm to expand so qnrelely that rt ran resnlt rnarle/rng the fr1mlIllc~ near the rlarnaged
of the mm“ M the gun a rn E‘-:<|n§ cf erpllolsron, espeerallyr: Eol(el,l aicodxdlnghlo the lptm}:'entu'. ‘Ii d

en ne areas. r ess-es repn e e oo e np, e mlg 1 ave na tee

Dunnlz the PK“i‘“li“l°": he dcacnhed that one or the worlrers was h wlcall t that the sa ln ene tzed hne was
two real-lrte sttnatrons where that blown ont of the hale when lF}‘lc)r1xc ) gcmng lnffr aid lafier Hts body
awewme energy came In chreet cunt-act oeenrrerl. eantaeted the hne 7 probably wrthont
wrth workl:r~ resnltrng In senons am. kmW,,.g 3. M, Ll.m;r

rn,nry 7 and even a rleath 7 that he Work stopped, -nvestlgat-om began

mm mm be Pmvcmd m ‘he mm and lawyers were ealled rn. The s-eeonrl loratar reported seerng an
by evmmunlentmn and laclng acutely ultnnately, the worleers were nnaware “" _“"“ 1‘“;"“g 5“ ““°‘"‘“' b“‘““5
Mm of Wm mmundmgap ‘hm they had hm mndmg um natse. He eard \ lcum eall ont bnefly

bcfun: tallrng tn the gronnd
Smnam, one an eleetneal faullty that had been
loeated, but the nrarles were eovered The seronrl loratar ealled 911, but nrst

The more comvl-catccl a lob we the more by eanstrnettnn dtrt anrl dnst and were respanders were nnahle to save the
the llknllhood fur hazards rnereases no langer vtstlale Adrlrttanally, several rnan

Om: example he nsed to rllnstrate that .,,,,,km had not hm. tm,,.¢d ,agm.,,g

eontept tnvolverl ertenstve eanstrnettan .l,a.a mm, and ,0 Wm ,,,,;am,1,a, Fetter evmmun-cntmn and tlghteneal
that took plaee rn a eornpler Frlane wrth then mmmng anrl nnpartanee ltts *"“““°“"' ““’“’“"“” ‘““l”‘“"‘
Intersection In a malvrmetwpol-tan rmperattve thattorernen and warlters l"“’““‘°d ““’ ““g‘dV’ ”“.“““‘ ’“°“"‘
am ma‘ ,m,,,dgg bu, lam m um undmmnd [M mam and mp an EYE always be noted an loeate tteleets Not
rnedtan, rnnlttple tratnr eontrol srgnals, out tar these entreal satety warnrngs ;’“'l{ “‘;Ef"‘:l5 “‘_“°‘"‘;‘h"““"' "“}‘f“‘
Mgna lac-ng -n all dlrectmr-~ and on the job s-rte. If yon don't see nrarles °“ °' “ “S” “‘° “ "“"“ “
walkway erosstngs. where yan are, that may nrean hazarrls ‘°“‘“°‘ ‘‘“°‘“'’ "hm" ‘hm “’““°' “W
Mn‘ ‘ Mk mm W“. better the ehante he has at rnttrgattng

rs lab tnvolved pnlhng np anrl — thenr and rnntpletrng the lob sately

resnrlaerng alrnnst every snrlaee ol the S(gnafio 2

Intl:ru:cm.m,” the presenter satd "Tlmm 0' l‘ “'9 lmmt "'W‘° " helm

was MW (W, U, undexgmund mm Damagcyprcventlon typrrally toenses of thccklng and mthcthng hrs
cmpmmng ‘hf am MN Wm my on what s happentng heneath anr icnl snrronndtngs 7 partrenlarly rlnnng
old, mm Wm my mp and mm A great deal at onr attentton rs toens-ed a stornt 7 he rntght have natrred the
were rlrreetly under the srdewalles-1' f:;';'t;(l;Il  a Practice sagging hne

On a s-eene as rontpheated and as P Wntlung aafcly around eleelnclty
,ung_mm aa 3% mm [mm mum Loeattng rnarlts are nsnally seen rneans leeeprng yonr eyes and ears
mm Work begms M“ Enough m mp at grnnnrl level 7 an streets and ont tor hazarrls at all notes The best
Cmybudy Sm srdewalles, on lawns and rlg}ll~'-of-way. praetree rs to treat all eleetne power

we iamllmnzr: anrs-elves wrth those eqnrprnent as tr ll rs energrzerl,

"Muluplc laeates were betng ealled rn, marks hetnre and dnnng eaeh lab, but partrenlarly rlawned or saggrng pawer
sa ntilrttes harl lnratars vrsrtrng the area hazards, espenally aronnd eleetnerty, hnes.

at least every weele to retresh marks can mm at you mm W M512

0, “Wk am am [OP sum“ was > lt talres anly seeands tar the rnnndane
mmmmd/at ht ma The pm~cntu’~ seeond srenana rs to tnrn rnarhrd. .

a story about a seasoned loeator
2o1t1lssue: Alabama 511 s 17

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