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y $ ‘ fur lmsmess-, commexcn, lmalthcare and much maae.

,. / whea Alabama 811 edueales on damage pmveallaa, a
J plemm of a blnwmg gas lme or a s-paulmg water lme eaa

make my ampaesswe ylsual alds. Howcvez same of the

most dlsturbmg damage clalms we have heea mvolvzd

m wem dun: to damage to a eammumeamms lme. one
meidem that qmeldy comes to mmd ls a woman who lo~I

hcr has-hand due In a heart attack, and when she wem to

:3 ,3 , dlal 911 (mm hcr house phaae, lhe lane was down due to
. eanslmemm damage to Lhe lme feedlng hex s-heel. she was
“Q unable to mach 911 to gel medical assislaaee la her husband

.1‘ qmeldy.

Many people expect fiber lmes to be masswe due to the
amounlofdataIhattantmveluntl\2m,bultl1al|s not the
c.1~l:.TcchnolngyI~'fcd on smallex and smallnr avemaes as

mam emelem ways ale develaped and we rely an lhls tommumcatlon llnk more and
mm Every day.
In Ihh lss-ae of the Alabama 811 magazme, the focus is an Ihn eammumeamm
mdaslay and (11: lmpdnanee placcd da mammlzmg damages to Lhds-e types of
iacllmes. Commumczmon eampames have slmag damage pmvemmn pmgaams to try
to mduee ammeeees-saay outages ll ls also impnrlant to rcmembnr lhe value they bnng
and the impact it has an eaeh of as .r we of Lhes-e raeilmes as damaged. ll lmpaels us-
pmressmaally aad pemaally
And don’! forget 7 the 811 s-emee Is a communication network to lake mfozmahnn
mgmdlng excacalion aeaymes and communicate H to mnmbsr iaclllty owaeas to
mark so excavalmn eaa hegm saicly. If we dnn’l have communication lmes.. .4 ls the
slad of had dayl

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