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Dld You Know - v~A><
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m m n n Locate buried utilities with accuracy,

0 u   confidence, and speed with the vLoc
I 9 and VM range 0! utility iocators.
Is the Key. J,

E» LS9 MW vlaeel-Pro luclhrul ® 9
tern une call: bcglnnlng tn R1.»:hL‘~kL‘r, NY tn was unttl I I';[}Z“I,’I_‘,“‘ r‘l‘]‘A':“,‘""‘l‘~A / ' "'
today, the neeal to call bcforc digging has lteeunte finnly . ll tt  l.  ll» ‘sh rm «er-
Cnlmnthlsd neatly evetywhete. Alwaya, the first step - ~‘   "  *  >
h tet cXC£l\‘t1lors te eentnet the une (all eentet and gtve 1 ,

tnlonnattan nltuut thett pmpos'L‘d cxctlvatlon pmteet. What ,,,,_,,,,, ,__,_,,,
happens next, anal hew wan, aletenntne. the ~u:cc» er the .  ., ‘_,, ‘ I4 

ms! of the prnccsw‘ and \'t’hL‘t1\CI tt n:~uIt~ tn a tarely cumplctcd -t  -t  
cxctlvatlon. jfjfi‘ gm‘: “ ,  J

ln .t luenl nten, an exenyntot s‘lmp1ynmkL‘s n local call tu the G

upetntot dmlglltllcd te teeetye tllusc calls. when "one call" ’ .t; llA‘yM LJ
began tovcrlng large arca~', cxcavatun wete teluetnnt tu 1 -: w  new

tneut the ee.t of a long alt.tanee tall, tn addltlon to the nut '

of a peteetvetl "work delay” by Walling mt utl1llIC.s(ft1Elllty ‘ ,. 3 .c..t.~ttt Mm: cnmnu lyllom
()pcrt1lOh)lol0(atc and mink thett Ilncs. To help (lvcxtomfl /  IN‘    

rcslililncc, une eall tclllcrs lmlallcd loll ttee nurnbL‘r~ pxuvldcd , '-, - lug -r ~ r; w»: L 

by tlte telephene (omp£lnlc~‘ anal nelvettneel them at the [X130 “ ' ‘ “‘ “ “  “ ‘  “

path tot cxctlvatuh lo ttuttty. These [all ttee numbL‘r~ WCIL‘ lttlleal =-"vs M w an «N "wt w--u-- -I-mm-r--lam
onee tlte cxcavaturnltldc tlte enll anal tulr-tlletl the aluty to notify  l ‘ " " *‘  ‘  - -l  l ’
the une eall eentet, anal the (cnlcrht1~fulfIllcdlt~‘ mspunslblllky

tu actummly teeenl the dulzuls of the planned cxczl\'t1l|on,

nuttte of the peneltng cxcilvtlllon mus‘! be Cummunlciltud tn the

uwnet. uibllnlsd rnnlttte. neat the pmpl.»~'L‘d cxctlvatlon ~ltL‘.

ln 1959 R<lCl\cs‘lcx, that was ilcc()mpl|~‘hL‘d through meant of

teletype pttntete llnkcd by "pnvatc ltne." 7 dedicated, dlmtlly

cunncclud telephune ClrEu|t~‘,


Nctw()Iks' of pnynte llncs‘ lteentne the alzlndzlxd tn outbound

une (all eonttnunteatten. The.e Clrculb 7 known for thett J _ 7* _ A’.
rclmblllty, bttt mqulrlng tktlletl lcchnlclilrh te mtlnzlgc — ,/ ’ 4 fifty‘ , 3- l ,1
tugethet wtth the tnbeunal, tull rtee nutnbete, tnnale up one of /' K g  '
the lzlIgc~'t cash et operating n one call eentet lt Wt1~ C(\mmUn ;, '° , ' ~ ; l ~. :1 .< "1 .
rut the ee.t ()[n\CnIbL‘r~1up tn a one (all eentet to be cumprlscd 1 is//V __: :3 .  - t

uta mlewszlgc tee (~upp()Itlng the opcxatlng PCYMJHHCI, officc '/  " ’ -‘ ‘

tpnee anal advcnhlngi and .t CUl'llm|.In|Ct1l|()n[L\‘(f()I the .

tnltuunal lolI—frcL‘ nutnbett anal the olllbmlnd aetlteateal tlrtuiti.) ’ ,

ln 1931, Dklalmnlzl one call (now olue 811)bcc:lnm the first  ‘

eentet tn the nation to alepley .t lnlm "dlzlI—up” outbound - l a « ' ‘ ~
mcisaglng s‘y~‘kL‘m Undu tht. ty.-tent, .t l'L‘(L‘l\'lng pnntet anly _ o i ,
had to ntntntntn a leenl telephune nutnbet tot the une tall 5; -
ccntcI'~' eutnputet to "call” the pnntet anal ~'cnd n mcaiagc. v, __ V 1
Althmlgh mlzll dlaldlp eontmunttattotn wt1~ tntttally tnet wllh él  c J ‘ ‘I
alt.-appteval by the une eall c>l£lbll~1'1mL‘nt, the m:mL‘nd()u~

cub! ~t1Vlngs Over pnvatc ltne netwutle.-, anal a [rack teeetal of

cfficlcnt pcfloxmancc ~'oun bmllght the whale tnaltt.-tn, ntettnal ‘ * ‘ ‘

wtth the advent of the tllmostmagltill dam txt1n~‘[L‘r EapabllIl|L‘~

u[lnlcrlml—mlt1lcd teehnelugy, all uthet tnetheeh et lnbmlnd 388'88Z'8777

and uutltuunal eetnntunteatten have been (ut mun wlll be) Infocalutasearch com 15 wow swlmertl
eutttpletely ub~l.»lclL\ lt wtll be fun to act: how won anal huw tn.t www utasearcheom

Whilt we nuw know oft1~ tldvzlnccd C0|'nm|InlCt1ll0n~ tcchnnlogy

t1l.~.oft1ll~ by the wzlyudc Hang on, W5 going to be a wild nalel fig

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