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/ he Plpline 101 wehstte states that ”pip2lln2.s' are the
energy lltelsnes tar almusl every activlty of everyday
« « me." The 2.4 millinn nulesor I eltne thatrur.
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‘ ,_‘ u ‘t aeross the Unlled states (any the products that heat our
~ v .‘ V hanres, cook our meals, ower our velueles and more These
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l [ ptpelrnes cover lung rhstanee. from the rel’-tnenes to the plants
J and to the end eonsurner.
' Alabama has rts share of p|p£lmL‘~‘ that ensseru.-s our state.
These prpehne. have a notable htstory ofbcmg sate and mcum.
The p|pL‘llne lndudry ts one of the mast heavrly regulated
tndustnes tn the us. and therr satety program. are routtnely
- zzvlcwed and evaluated to ensure the tntegnty of therr taerhttes.
Pi» I/Iowevcr, even wtth all the regulations wtth wlueh they (amply,
< ll rs also vttal for the extavalmg eununuruty and the general
‘ puhhe to be aware of the enstenee of these iacllmes and the
' sa[2~Iwr1yslo work and lrve araunrl them.
ln tlus annual ptpeltne cditlon of the Alabama 811 there ts Ion~ of
great Infurmalmn related ta prpehne awarenes. and minty. Be sure
to lakn the tune to benefit from the aztldes and rntorntatron shared.
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eats Issue 1 Alabama 511 . 1

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