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7 to a Quality Locate

t ha. been my expenenee as a lueatur that

when 1 iullowcd the aame atepa dunng earh

toeate and kept my truek org2m|z,cd, I wr1~

murh mare prartuetrue duung my day and
made far fcwnr mistakes. Although many lncalors
may approarh the task ehtterentty, Yd hke to
pre.ent seven fundamental atepa for every toeator
Io eonurler.
step 1; Fnllnw sarety proeeolures and use your
sarety equipment and knnwledge
Try to make the rrght thmcna and take a personal
appruaeh to yuux safcty and the .arety of tha.«e
around yau. You are ulumamly maponaxblu for
your aaicty duung the day wlule dnvmg to and
perrurmmg hne lutatca. The ohorte. you make
on the yubsnn w|Il often not only anert yaur

. own safety but aha have an rmpaet an the saicty
of otlmn. start by xdcnuiymg the hazards‘ that
must or may 2><1~I an the ynbule and then choose
the apprapnate per.-onat proteetrye gear and
eaurpment you wru need to pertorm thr.- ta.-k
step 2: Read ticket and eheek an prim: hernre
and aner performing the [Male
Dunng the planning alagna of the locatc,
Ihomughly mad your excavation notree to earn
a clear understanding at the ohg area. Ifyou are
unclear of the eraet laeatron of the dug site, eontart
the eauer at the urket [or addmunal dctr1|l~.
Aeeea. yum area map.-, pnm.» and rerorrta for
the ohg area and |dL‘nt|fy yuur dtg area an your
pnnh Determine the number, type and uze of
buucd lmza yau have m the area, along wnh the
-7-. locauun at the top side aeeea. parnt but .urtee1 for
applying the tran.mrtter to earh buued metaure
hne ur traeer wrre. Pnnts ahould he mmidumd a
guxdn and not a taet. If your prmt ahow~ that yuu
have a hne buncd near the dig area but not m the
one area, |t'a alway~ a good xdea to hoak up and
yer-rty the hne r. artuauy rlear.
step 3: Visually survey the entire scape ni work
A vxaual mapucllon oi the yoh.-rte r. a very
impoztanl alcp to cruunng that an at your hne.
1oeateo1 m the reque.ter1 area are marked. start
by vhually confinmng the entrre acopz‘ of work
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