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allure t0 Communicate ' Failure
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“’1“d‘ “'°““‘ "‘°‘“d= W1‘ 5'4“ 0‘ '5“ whtte llmng and nhltty rnnrlung are we've all lcamcd that aornetnne. we
PmPm>'- When the Excavator amvzd I0 zflutllve melhoda of Communicating nnn.—t learn the dlflcmnm between

d" ”'° W°"< 1“ W‘ ‘"h‘”'*‘‘‘ ‘>°<““~“ tan a toh site w}Iet1mrlargc or small. nthat l~ sald and what h rneant.

W11“ hr €><Pm=d to be located W3‘ However, there are tunes when the Whlln all dakeholdu gmupa have

nu‘ Whm ‘ht ‘OHIO! Ea"-E bark *0 9'6 loeator anol exravator muat talk to thetr trn.-trattone undex the best of
WM Wt 11° ‘W "“=‘"“'“‘ b"=““~= one another on the plums. To make earenrn.-tanees, many of thern are self-
lm thought he marked What 0-C tltkrl that happen, the lneater must have tnllteteol.

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n,,,. ;. no. u, my gm. mg (1119! not entoyahle to talk to the folks‘ In the A‘ ”‘° °"d °‘ ”‘° “"3" W1‘ ”‘°
» » ‘ , excavator and localor have the same

Wm vtjmr-st but It l» to ~a>' that the "'“‘“' bi‘ "ff ""“" My ff.‘ “WV goals Both want to take iantzwtlt eare
dtreenon. were nnelear lo the lneatnr know W at a gums on at e lob am: 0, ‘hm mmmm me), mm [0 mp
Cnnsequrntllo fruatmlmm occurred for 5”’ }‘""“_‘$ “"‘Lf“" ““"“’“' °f ‘1“' 5"“ the public anol then employees‘ oak‘ and
both the excavator anrl locatnr and both ~"PmI~°r or C Contact pmvn on my WM [0 mm H mm‘

Suffcrzd down mm H, R m,utt_ sun laeeénrlte.-ha enttral component of a

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Not marking the enttre work site t. a ' p and‘ 
mmmm, afcurrenrey m many cm.) H ,5 when asked who ~l1uuld tntttate the call We mm ‘D mmmmly and Elm”

the dlrect result of unclear lnslruclinni  kfffi‘ I19:  mmmumm Wm‘ me mod” R’

an the ttrket and t. almost alwayo »hy. ‘ xl F ‘ ‘Pl’. kw 1 mm by mhangmg phone “umbm
ernnprnrneleol by the lack of whtte Ilnlng I mg: to no e. rm, 2 a m e »um um and mwmng the Ca“, .

aswclatnd wtth the lneate rzquzat. w= have ext}-angcd phone numbm»

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