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ihe invoice requires knowledge of (an uiilily lhous-ends of dollars paid governing nn ensernenl ecquisiiion
lr1W, slohiles, and pesl rulings. The he 1 mm m “mm 0“ It is important to ineei with ihe
hinds inighl corne out ui poekel, iniin f .‘l’.‘?' 3' landowner to explain lhe purpose oi
your suliconlrncior, iroin on insurance ““ ‘ ‘*5 ihe proiecl, negoiieie in good iallhr
company or horn a locale conipnny. Eniilies will uflen requesi a utility to iile lhe eesernenl and deliver nnrl

m~'P°"d*"g=°mP‘*“"sa"  iZZ'§v§f.‘ii'n‘§;}i.'Z.'.§e .heconrih§o.e.;ioers.ioos
invesiigolion, invoicing and filing suii ‘ . — ’ . h E _ n‘ h
‘D “Ova the Rpm CW5 Tu mum to invoice rzlocntlun costs to Ihelpany rig I-D -way agreements. ere mig I
‘hm dollar. in you mmmmm requesling the work however Lius I algéilbe otillzr dicumenls perieining so
bud?" mg mmpmy you mgflgz mus‘ inighl lie unsuccessful when pursuing 2“ Qtlonzi nor -spgcle :1’ eecessdron s
bz in mm“ in mm law know how poynieni Getting reimbursed lakes ocunien . nee o e signe in

' . follow up phone calls or even (at ironi of a nulazy public.

to overeorne dispuies of hainilty (low :T‘“"’_’) 1 I H

hanging wires or inaccurate locales) ‘me’ ‘ "3" °“ in conclusion, you might nsk "What
and have the ability lo negoliole Finding a vendor who implements is our currenl process? Can we do :3
payments in iull The company must liesl preclices will resuli in more iorcerl lieller lab? How would l slarl looking
also have access no Dblaln copies of relocation proieci eosls paid in full. tor a vendor? V»/hat is the one call
police/iire reporis and he experls in This includes a clear scope of wurk, a solution?” vendors need to he flexlblz‘,
iinrling good phone numbers and signed ngreenieni, prepayment and a focus on inch, be good lisieners and
addresses for lhe nzgligcnl party cuslorner service nppronch Pursuing work proiessiiinolly on your behalf

Companies doing consiruciion on your ‘imp; '3 ‘EV “ff “‘ “ “ ‘ “V m mdud2’dhmmf‘md ms’
lieholi inadvertently damage sulisci-iher “ °°’ ‘"5 E “” Y ’ ’ ' '
properiy The properiy owner rnighi Ezsemenl Acquisilion
iile a elnini against ihe utility. Hnving p , , I
.-i ciislorner liaison research to identify M““Y '"““°‘”““" *1” N?‘ ““““5‘"““ 0' W5_ ""5 °'f""W" 5
‘he mm“ and walk Wm‘ ‘hi mg mpmms Dmbk mmumm, niichrue iigsmdephocnu1osscoiilrol.cnii
suliconlrncior lo repnir or reimburse lhe “W ,‘“5°“ ff“ ““°“_ “"3 P‘l""°"'°“
property owner directly can save the P">l*=C* B“ E Pm=W~ 1" P W
: '(["‘;gfigTRUCTURE Toll Free (800) 701-2117
‘ . nnmnqe Pnvuulun lsll Mxmtlngl - suaiumu Imllly Engln-ulna KSIIEI
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» ; (Aw and fibevvnprlcl, and puhliz warts (W112! and sewn] mmpama: throughout
v Ni-mh Amellra Ourzlmenl serum marlagemerltlealvl nclo has nvev inn yeavxuf
. coiiecllveexpellenteln lheoulwulted uliiliy 5ervicexInmA5lly,arld we heileve the
—e.__/ (lmlng ii nieai m ener (he llliilly malkalpizte win in ilinninve, zompetlrwe
tvansharerlt and nine Sen/l(e Wm/ldev nplmn.
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