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  Alabama 811 and oval 70 of |LS member gas plpelme and
LEGISLATIVE FRONT dmnbunon eompanles have comblnzd laree: to develop
the APACY (Alabama Fubllc Awaxvanew Coopexallve
Trammg) pmgram
we encouxzge anyone who works, lu/es or comes In Contact
wuh plpellnEs and underground ukllmes on a regular basls
to attend one of the meeungs If you l1aven'lzllended one
of me APACI‘ meeungs before, you'll find rhe lnfoxmztlun
provrded to he vary uselul and a loenefielal pan of your
company's damage prevennon awaxeness pmgram
F I r be ll F " ‘ r d .
one call Commlaslon r. working an final v2r~'lDn~' ‘Egg: :1 ;"(j_“r“E‘;‘j;‘_; [;‘r‘l:P:fm,‘:; :n'::‘:f1‘g‘:/“\:;‘m “‘
of cnfumement place» and pnlenhal membznlup
requlremenl.-. The zvlcasn or the Commlsslun report |S H/IUILI/Ipflflplpflll1('11'{lY/17flN5S.CI7lll You can also Contact
atllsduled for seplemlaer. An updale on Ill: reporl wlll Mel<ay Lyvers at mlyverszwalsll mm.
be pee.-enled at the Alabama Damage l-revennon surnmu.
Zane ll
Muck Line Slrike
Tlm Caxdendalu Civl: Center
857 Maln St.
Cardendalz, AL
The nnw 2016 DIRT REPS“ ls new avallabla at www Muck Line Slrike
Cultlmorlgmlltldalllarlct mm. Unlon Slatlon Tram shed (downtown)
we need your damage data to laeller develop edurauonal 3”“ Wm“ 5‘
program.-l You ean enler u ua|ngIl'1E Alabama vmual Dlrl MD!-lzvmnryr A'-
<Darnage lnformallon Reporung Tool). Vhll wrumalsll.
cum and elrrk on lhe Damage Reporlmg (DlRT) buuon. 1a/1n/17
Having damage and near mm information llelpa Alabama Zmles 1&2
811 to target edueauonal and training effom. It is eaay to Mack Line Slrike
algn up. Data can be enlered manually or uploaded wuh U55 Alabama Bamc.-}“P Mgmufifll pm
the ”['mnI end loader" from eompany dalaba.e.-. Z703 Efl“k.5}‘ip Pkwy
Mobllz, AL
.r............ o.........«~ 1”“ 18
Wlnd Creek Caslno
The new Best Practlces Culde la now
avarlahle for download or lmrd copy through W17/17
a;ann.eammlmgloandnIl.auee.eom. Zn“? 5
Muck Line Slrike
Ioln us for tllese upcumlng edurauonal events: 2:01 Pll“"“"‘A'i”
usca oo.-a,
Alabama Damage l-revenuon Summll —S2plembnr
26-28, 2017 Embaasy Sullcs — Montgomery, AL W19/17
www a1al7ama.da.aayenreuml.o.laamnuleum Zn“ 9
APACT (Alabama Plpelme Awareness Coopexallve Muck Line Slrike
‘rrammgl Muluple mezlmga acmas tlm Stat: Ingalls Hazbnr Pavillon
www lzpflrfplpellrlenw/ 862-A Wilson St, NW
Ducatul, AL

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